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Architect Kengo Kuma famous for utilizing woods as building material designed the product.





Building blocks shape in a simple triangle. Way of constructing is infinite. It is beautiful interior objects, as well as good for children to develop their imagination. Architect Kengo Kuma famous for utilizing woods as building material designed the product; who says that he himself loved to play with building blocks in his childhood. “I used to play by myself with building blocks endlessly and it was a big influence on me becoming an architect.” Perhaps, it was natural for Kuma, with his love for trees and forests and More Trees, with its pursuit of sustainable forests, to come together in collaboration. In this project, we chose cedar trees grown in Morotsuka Village in Miyazaki Prefecture, where the More Trees’ forest is, which is certified under an international proof FSC® set for sustainable forest management. Precisely designed TSUMIKI’s form requires delicate and accurate production which means it cannot be manufactured by machinery. You can feel both the warmth of the wood and of the handicraft from each piece carefully made by the hands of skilled artisans. Collaborating with locals in not only procurement but also processing by artisans, we aim to contribute to the sustainable development of both the forests and neighboring local communities. Inspired by the silhouette of coniferous trees, its simple triangular shape allows itself to be not only a toy encouraging children to develop their flexible creativity but a small star-shaped objetct art and a superb decoration on walls. We recommend TSUMIKI as baby gifts, shop decorations, or for a wide variety of any other purposes along with your imagination go. We hope you enjoy the warm feeling of this wood product in your daily life. Three sets are available ̶ 7 pieces, 13 pieces, and 22 pieces, so you can choose one that fits your needs and what you want to build. At every event and workshop in Japan and other countries, we see children get excited and play with TSUMIKI. The experience will become their childhood memories with warmth of wood as same as for Kuma used to play with building blocks in his childhood. TSUMIKI, which was Kuma’s origin of architect, reminds us of our relationship with forests. It resonates with our organization theme “connecting cities and forests” and will be passed on to the next generation. TSUMIKI [13piece] Designed by:Kengo Kuma Material: Cedar (From Morotsuka, Miyazaki) Size: W120×H110×D40 mm Surroundings and situations of forests are varied in countries and areas. Japan is a rich forested country, and it is critical to thin woods appropriately and utilize them to keep the forests in healthy conditions. With keyword “Connect urban city and forest”, we have engaged in activities, one of which is development of product with Japanese timbers.


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