THALASSA Leather Sandals Greek Gladiator Ankle Strap Sandals Handmade in Greece

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真皮 涼鞋 咖啡色 - THALASSA Leather Sandals Greek Gladiator Ankle Strap Sandals Handmade in Greece


THALASSA Waxed Brown Sandals: Feel the spirit of the sea wearing Thalassa LeatherStrata Greek sandals! In Greek mythology, Thalassa was the primeval spirit of the sea. Make your casual summer style elegant with Thalassa flat leather sandals. They are handmade of 100% calf leather in beautiful waxed light brown color. These beautiful ankle strap sandals are very comfortable, as they have soft leather insole. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they will become! • DETAILS: ✓ Soft leather insole ✓ Perfect traction: Durable anti-slippery rubber soles with a slightly upraised heel. ✓ For everyday use and for all occasions. ✓ Ancient Greek - Spartan design. ✓ Handmade in Greece. ✓ Materials: 100% Calf leather, durable rubber soles. • COLORS: ➊ WAXED LIGHT BROWN ➋ TOTAL BLACK • FEMALE SIZE CHART (EU# // UK# // US# // Length of inner SOLE): EU #35 // UK #2.5 // US #4.5 // 22.9cm - 9.0in EU #36 // UK #3.5 // US #5 // 23.5cm - 9.2in EU #37 // UK #4.5 // US #6 // 24.0cm - 9.4in EU #38 // UK #5.5 // US #7 // 24.8cm - 9.8in EU #39 // UK #6.5 // US #8 // 25.4cm – 10in EU #40 // UK #7.5 // US #9 // 26cm - 10.2in EU #41 // UK #8.5 // US #10 // 26.7cm - 10.5in EU #42 // UK #9.5 // US #11 // 27.2cm - 10.7in EU #43 // UK #10.5 // US #12 // 28.0cm - 11.0in • EXAMPLE (!!!): If your foot measures a total length of 25.4 cm (10 inches) then it is the best option to go for an EU #40 // UK #7.5 // US #9 // 26 cm - 10.2 in, as YOU NEED TO ADD 1 cm OR 0.4 inches TO YOUR MEASUREMENT for the space on the front & back of your sandals. If you have ANY concern about your size please also read the following lines! • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Keep in mind that the manufacturers use different shoe lasts to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly. So, the best way to guarantee that you are going to order the correct size for you is to measure your foot and leave the length as a message to the “note to seller”' with the exact size of your feet. • HOW TO MEASURE YOUR FOOT (without any special equipment): Please follow this procedure to help us in order to select the correct size for you. Place your foot firmly on top of the piece of paper. Your leg should be bent slightly and your shin should be in front of your ankle. You can stand, sit on a chair or crouch down. Trace the outline of your foot with a pen and remember to measure your foot without shoes, but with socks similar to the ones you'll be wearing with the shoes you are buying (for sandals without socks!). Measure diagonally from the heel to the big toe and leave it as message to the “note to seller” with your order. • SANDALS – THE PERFECT SUMMER SHOE: Sandals are among the oldest forms of shoes in the world. The word "sandals" creates an association for airy and light summer footwear that is attached to the leg with straps. Ancient Greek leather sandals are inspired by ancient Greek mythology, while today there are models in different colors and shapes. Some of the leather sandals that our shop offers are: Gladiator sandals, toe ring sandals, lace up sandals, platform sandals, leather flip flops, Spartan/Spartiate sandals, knee high sandals, ankle wrap sandals, and many other types... They are very comfortable, especially in the summer when it’s hot and we need more well-ventilated shoes, and, also, they provide unique style! Thank you for visiting us!


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Discover the most robust and hard-wearing leather sandals & bags collections. LeatherStrata specializes in quality leather handmade creations since our foundation in 2015. We design & manufacture all of our leather goods right here in Greece, using traditional leather techniques. You will find an exclusive selection of Greek genuine leather sandals.


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