Fulfillment of love Stone garnet American pierced earrings that symbolize deep bond fruit January birthstone Clip-On allowed

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Fulfillment of love Stone garnet American pierced earrings that symbolize deep bond fruit January birthstone Clip-On allowed


~~~ ❄ +250 yen for wrapping ♪ ~~~ Instagram: ralulushu work videos are also UP Can be changed to earrings, the total length will be 5 cm, please specify from the option column. ・ Material -All 14kgf (can be changed to 925 silver, specify from the option column) -Drop cut garnet: Approximately 6-6.5mm ❄ It is a characteristic of garnet that the color looks different depending on the background and light. ❄ There may be inclusions such as sunspots. ・ Size -About 9.3cm * We try to shoot in colors that are as close to the actual product as possible, but it is a characteristic of natural stone that the impression changes depending on the condition of the light. ************ Garnet: A "symbol of fruit" that brings unchanging love and deep bonds It is a stone that is said to have the power to activate blood circulation and make it beautiful. Garnet is a stone that has the power to activate both physical and mental energies. It raises positive feelings about living and transforms negative emotions such as fear and anxiety into bright energy. It is a stone that connects the current hardships to the results, so it is also recommended as a talisman for deciding the course and important projects. It is a stone that enhances energy and is a very good amulet for childbirth. This stone has long been used as an amulet because it has the power to protect its owner from negative energy. It is a stone that is said to bring about positive changes, just like winter changes to spring, because it enhances the feeling of love and generosity. Garnet, well known as the birthstone for January, is said to be a "symbol of fruit" and is said to lead to success by achieving the goals and steadily producing the results of the efforts that have been accumulated. In addition, the effect of this "fruit" will help the fulfillment of love. In old folklore, it seems that it is sometimes expressed as a deep "bond", such as giving garnets as a vow to reunite with a loved one or as a sign of friendship. Therefore, it can be said that it is a gemstone that symbolizes "one-off love" that deepens love with loved ones. Those who wish for unchanging love with their loved ones should wear it as an accessory. *********** * What is K14GF (14K Gold Filled)? It is a popular and popular material in Europe and the United States because you can easily enjoy the genuine quality of gold with a calm shine. Unlike the thin gold plating of the gold layer, the gold layer, which is 1/20 the weight of the base metal, is heat-bonded. It is rarely exposed. Also, unlike gold plating, it is smooth and has a deep shine. (It has a thickness of 100 times gold plating). Although it is made of a material that does not cause allergies, please note that not all people will be allergy-free. "New 2021"


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I arranged 3 drops (small) garnet and made American earrings, Every time it shakes, it improves girls' power. American pierced earrings can be used in various scenes because the expression of the pierced earrings changes by adjusting the length of the chain.


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