Toy house [toy house] Japanese paulownia educational toys

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木頭 寶寶/兒童玩具/玩偶 卡其色 - Toy house [toy house] Japanese paulownia educational toys


* This product is a limited production product * It is an educational toy of domestic paulownia. The sophisticated design allows you to decorate it not only as an educational toy but also as a beautiful interior. It is a design that does not feel strange even if it is lined up with the "Bookhouse" series, which has the shape of a house. From the aspect of tree growth, it is not a simple wooden toy, but a building block designed to blend into our daily lives. When cleaning up, it was designed and developed as a mysterious and long-lasting educational toy that can be stored in a house-shaped case to create a puzzle-like, stained glass-like, kumiko-like modeling expression. In addition to modeling that enhances the thinking power of young children, it also has elements similar to Montessori's sensory education in early childhood education. If you put them together in a box as if you were playing a puzzle, you can automatically decorate them as objects. It can be stored compactly if it is put together according to the rules, and it supports both attractive storage and hidden storage. It is a toy made of a material that is safe for children to put in their mouths, taking advantage of the characteristics of domestic paulownia, which are light, soft, antibacterial, insect repellent, and mildew proof. In addition, it can be displayed as an object even after the child has grown up, and it is designed to be used habitually for a long time. It is also suitable for gifts such as baby gifts and entrance celebrations. ● Material Body: Domestic paulownia (beeswax finish) Case: Domestic paulownia (beeswax finish) + Acrylic <b>size</b> w180mm x d90mm x h300mm ● Handling -Since this product is not water resistant, it is not suitable for getting wet or cleaning with detergent. For cleaning, wipe with a dry cloth or gently wipe with a small amount of alcohol on a cloth. ・ To prevent the paulownia from accumulating too much moisture, you can release the moisture absorbed by the paulownia once by drying it in a well-ventilated place for about half a day at the turn of the season. ● Characteristics of paulownia Paulownia is the lightest material in Japan. Even in the world, it is the second largest in the world after balsa wood. The thin wall of the cell membrane and the large air layer inside make it softer and more elastic than other woods. The wood itself has some resilience, but paulownia has a high ability. It has the power to restore even some scratches and dents. Paulownia is porous and is made up of densely packed, bubble-like independent tissues that are not easily affected by the outside air and have excellent heat retention and heat insulation. Since paulownia wood has a very small shrinkage rate, it is a wood that has few deviations in design and cracks, can be precision processed, and has little dimensional change. Since there is little deviation in the design, you can make a box without any gaps. One of the charms of paulownia is that it has a beautiful grain and you can enjoy aging like leather products by using it carefully. ● What is kirihaco? Masuda Kiribox store has been manufacturing paulownia boxes for about 90 years in Koga City, Fukuoka Prefecture. We are conducting research every day so that we can select the type of paulownia and how to assemble it according to the purpose of the box. We have also developed and proposed unique processing methods to make beautiful boxes and attractive boxes. As part of the manufacturing process, we have set up the concept of "a paulownia box to be incorporated into our daily lives" and have been developing products as a [kirihaco project] with the owner of the Fukuoka Living Tools Store. ● Award Fukuoka Design Award Silver Award Wood Design Award Jury Chairman Award ● Information This item is a limited quantity product. [About the transaction period] This product will be made to order if it is out of stock at the actual store. Please note that it may take more than a month for delivery due to the busy season of the manufacturer during the year-end and New Year holidays and around long holidays. Currently, the manufacturing period is prolonged due to changes in the world situation, epidemics of infectious diseases, and natural disasters. Delivery conditions change daily, and in some countries delivery is no longer possible, and delivery methods and durations are changing. Also, please note that it may take some time for delivery as it is delivered according to Japanese holidays. Business hours: 10: 00-19: 00 (Japan time / closed on Mondays)


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It is an educational toy of Japanese domestic paulownia. The sophisticated design allows you to decorate it not only as an educational toy but also as a beautiful interior. It doesn't feel strange to line up with the "Bookhouse" series, which has a house-shaped design.


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