wafu premium linen Hoodie / Shiny Flax h046i-flx3

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wafu linen clothing
wafu linen clothing
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wafu premium linen Hoodie / Shiny Flax h046i-flx3


Made in Japan / wafu japan [detail] We are so proud of ourselves about our skill and technique that deserve to make this hoodie with such a special material, wafu premium linen. Twill weave linen that has shiny surface definitely blows your mind. 100% extraordinary and gorgeous. One of the best hoodies in the world is here. Plus, even functional and practical. Linen always keeps your feel comfortable. The longer you wear it, the softer it gets. Eco friendly and beautiful material elevates your style and life. Hood Ragran sleeve Pockets Full zip [material] wafu premium linen 100% Organic Linen from northern France Medium weight Twill weave *woven and dyed in Japan Color: Shiny Flax It gets softer and more comfortable after multiple washes. Dyed linen may transfer color and lint when first washed. Please wash it separately to avoid color transfer. After a few washes there will be minimal to no color transfer. It may have nep (pilling) on the surface. *The color of the fabric may vary slightly due to production. [sizing] Sleeve length...83cm *Center Back Bust...116cm Length...70cm Hem width...58cm Cuff width...12cm Waist...114cm Arm hole...26cm *Our size guide is below [model review] Model:163cm,58kg/Bust:88cm,Shoulder width:42cm,Upper arms:26cm Model Size:M~L in Japan This hoodie is perfect size on a person like me who really like oversized silhouette. The cuffs covers my whole hand but it doesn't matter. It's light and worm thanks to this thick and functional material. Model : 178cm,52kg Model Size:M in Japan This is the best hoodie ever! The sleeve is slightly longer than my arm and the hem hits my upper hip. It's still roomy even when I put on something as a base layer. I surprised that this linen is much softer and warmer than I imagined! [staff reviews] Woman/Height168/Japanese L size It's roomy on me and nice for layering. The hem hits my hip line and the sleeve is longer than my arm. I'm impressed that the zipper slide so much easier! Woman/Height158cm/weight50kg The size is a little bit big on me but still works. The hem goes through my hip line and the sleeve covers even my whole hand. Nothing bothers me even when I put on something thick like sweater underneath. Woman/Height154cm/weight44kg This hoodie is slightly bulky on me but looks so cool! The hem almost reaches my thighs and the cuffs cover even edge of my fingers. There is enough room for layering. It doesn't weight anything. Man/Height168cm/weight64kg This size is the best for me. The hem comes on my hip line and the silhouette is never ruined even when I bend down to pick my pen up. The sleeve is slightly longer than my arm but I like to fold the cuff to make the sleeve shorter. I've just found that how beautiful and gorgeous the material is! **Size Guide << Sleeve length >> Measure from the center back to the cuff << Bust >> Double length between the stitches under the armpits << Length >> Measure from top of the center back to the hemline << Hem width >> Measure between edges of the hem << Cuff width >> Measure of sleeve opening width << Waist >> Double length of the narrowest part of the item << Arm hole >> Measure of upper arm part width


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100% extraordinary and gorgeous. One of the best hoodies in the world is here.


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