[Cat-only] rescue card and sticker set

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[Cat-only] rescue card and sticker set


[Cat-only] rescue card and sticker set, in that you have expressed the will of the pre-cat like our rescue, it is the item to increase the viability of an emergency. Three intention display card + takeover card + sticker has become a set. Owners like your identity, your home-agency relief 3 approach to the face of the request. It aims to create a more robust posture. ■ Features of the cat-only] rescue card and sticker set 1. Cat is a dedicated! design that it can be seen that at a glance it is domestic cats. In the color in which the orange-based, it will pull the package and eyes. 2. A more robust posture in three items. Donor card relief will display card to carry around all the time you put in your wallet, etc. as - Pre-takeover for the card to pass to those who ask to take care of the agency · Home By affixed to the entrance outside, such as a sticker that indicates the will of the aid request to neighboring residents and rescuer in the event of a disaster 3. Stickers water and light resistance. Sticker suitable for outdoor use, water resistance and light resistance processing. With writing column that you can fill in the coat color and number of cattle that will help aid. ■ The set includes: Intention display card × 2 sheets size: Vertical 55mm × horizontal 91mm Takeover card × 2 sheets size: length 110 mm × horizontal 91mm Sticker × 1 sheet size: Vertical 50mm × horizontal 50mm Color ■: Orange only Size: Set contents intention display card × 2 sheets size: Vertical 55mm × horizontal 91mm, takeover card × 2 sheets size: length 110 mm × horizontal 91mm, sticker × 1 sheet size: Vertical 50mm × horizontal 50mm **Notes at the time of the purchase** Some errors, such as attitude, size, the seam of the handle please acknowledge. In addition, depending on the environment that visit, it might look different photos and color which has been published. Here also, please understand. ■ About Delivery -------- Dispatch of thumb is within 5 business days after receiving your order. We will deliver at the click post. ■ About business day -------- Since we are open and while the work or housework, is a business day and time, such as the following. Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday 12:30 to 17:00, Saturday to Sunday 11:00 to 17:00 Closed: Monday-Friday, and a public holiday


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