Large-capacity zip tote L size Made in Japan Leather products All 5 colors jb-63l

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Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
Japlish Leather Goods Made in JAPAN
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Large-capacity zip tote L size Made in Japan Leather products All 5 colors jb-63l


**[Unisex tote that is easy to use for both business and private use]** It features a large size that can easily accommodate A4 files. The size that can store light clothes in addition to essentials such as wallets and smartphones is attractive. I made it with the theme of a tote that can be used comfortably even in the business scene. The opening is a fastener type, not a hook or lid, so you can use it with confidence. **Handle with a length suitable for shoulder straps** By using a long cut handle of 65 cm so that it can be hung on the shoulder, the distance from the top of the main body to the top of the handle is about 26 cm, making it easy to use even in winter clothes. **There is a pocket inside.** Inside there is a pocket 18 cm wide and 12.5 cm high. As for the thread of the sewing machine, the thread color that matches the color of the main body, and the brand tag and camel color at the bottom of the gusset are used as standard. **I actually put it in and saw it.** [Actual size] ・ Width: 39 cm ・ Height: 26 cm ・ Depth: 12 cm ・ Weight: 750g * There are individual differences due to the nature of the material. Think of it as an approximate size. 【spec】 ・ Sewing machine thread color: Thread color that matches the main body ・ Flag embroidery: Croatian flag ・ Pocket: 1 place ・ Material: Cowhide ・ Metal fittings: Iron ・ Thread: Polyester Related product [Sister product M size jb-63-m] [Slim silhouette tote bag jb-36]**In order of popularity****Wallet****Coincase / Pouch****Keycase ・ Variety goods****Stationery****Bag / Ruck / Tote** ★ We are in the campaign to get a discount for multiple purchases ★ ◆ Buy 2 items and get a discount on NTD: 126 (HKD: 35) ◆ Buy 3 items and get a discount of NTD: 253 (HKD: 70) NTD: 126 (HKD: 35) will be discounted for each additional point. * The discount amount is automatically calculated from 500 yen in Japanese yen. The discount amount will vary depending on the currency rate. **You can enjoy the original specifications by changing the sewing thread and Embroidery thread for free.** ■ in the message field**"sewing thread: red, embroidery: green from the top, white, navy"**Please fill in as. ■ 11 colors of threads can be used: white, red, lightblue, navy, kahki, bladk, gold. Brown, yellow, purple **[Paid name sewing and name tag with string]** For 300 yen (about 75NTD / 21HKD), we will sew a name stamp or make a name tag with a string. **[How to order a name / Notes]** ■ Uppercase alphabet and up to 10 characters. * Lowercase letters are not possible ■ The color of the nameplate is light brown regardless of the color of the product. ■ Please purchase the following additional charge items together with the desired product and enter the spelling of the name in the message field, such as [T.DANG]. * There is 800 yen, but it is actually 300 yen because multiple discounts are applied. **■ Japlish is an atelier born in Fukuoka, Japan in 2009.** Two male makers and one female photographer make leather products. There are the following three commitments. **1: Reliable made in Japan** Warm leather products made by skilled Japanese craftsmen. The leather used is Japanese cowhide with a moderate thickness. It is a very sturdy leather product that you can use for a long time. **2: Orders that can be enjoyed at no additional charge** I don't have it in stock and I make it after receiving an order. Therefore, you can enjoy the original specifications by changing the sewing thread and embroidery for free. **3: Rapid production / shipping system** Ships within about 7 days. It takes 5 to 10 days from shipping to delivery.


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