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    This collection represents freedom and calm from those who wear it.
    Blue royal feather from nanette twilly collection are dominated with blue colors. This collection represents freedom and calm from those who wear it. Feather sign is something so incredible. Receiving a feather sign is also a magical moment. As it is indeed a part of birds, and there are an ancient cultures believe that the feathers have meaning of freedom and it is inseparable from avian kind. Birds also represent freedom and inspiration. They are also symbols of travel. Travel with mind and spirit, not just ordinary physical travel. They also have an aerial view of our word, they see the world with a different perspective. Birds are lithe, yet light. That is all surely symbolic of freedom. Thus with all of this, the feather pattern of blue royal and feather is represent the freedom you. It gives you boost of freedom expression by the way you wear it. You can put it around your neck, or wear it as headband or wristband. You also can tie it in your bag. Mix and match it with your outfit. The deep blue colors are great to be combined with everything from a shirt to shorts. It will give you the look of freedom and of course you are ready to show people who you truly are. With blue royal and feather scarf, It's not enough to have the feathers. You must dare to fly!

    __Twilly Size__
    The size which is 5×90cm matches perfectly with your head, neck, wrist and bag handle. Nanette Twilly is a fantastic accessory and can be used as a head scarf, headband, or tied round your neck as a bow, round your wrist as a silk bracelet or wrapped around the handles of your bag.


    __Scarf as a Gift__
    Giving a twilly as a gift has various meanings. Giving a twilly to elderly is the embodiment of respect. If you give a scarf to your boyfriend/girlfriend, it means you want to cherish him/her. Giving a scarf to your beloved family shows affection. And if you give it to your friend, it means you do appreciate your friendship.


    __How We Deliver Nanette Twilly__
    We always pay a good attention to the details of shipping packaging to make sure you will receive the best twilly. Before packing Nanette scarf, we always double-check it just to make sure that it is in an A-1 condition. Knowing that the twilly is ready to deliver is very crucial.

    After that, we iron the twilly with low temperature. We do this to eradicate any unwanted wrinkles on this stylish scarf. Then, we fold and put into a Nanette envelope and sealed plastic. Finally, for the finishing touch of shipping packaging, we wrap it with a brown envelope.


    50% Silk and 50% Polyester

    Hand washes the scarf in warm water with a mild shampoo.
    Rinse in cool water. Be careful not to rub or twist the scarf too hard.
    Hang it to dry or lay flat on a clean dry towel.
    Iron with a low to medium temperature.

    Actual scarf colors may look slightly different from your monitor due to different monitor settings.Manufacturing location(s)/process(es)Made in Indonesia
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