Genuine leather wallet "series-envelope" black

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Genuine leather wallet "series-envelope" black


**[Nume leather wallet that shaped an envelope]** □ Material: Plant tannin tanned Kipnume leather (manufactured by Bangladesh) □ Size: T110 × W200 × D35 mm (Please allow some errors) □ Leather Quality: Leather with tight elasticity, natural shrink (shabby feel). □ Color: Black [Nanme leather finished with vegetable tannin tanning from ancient times, made a long wallet of the shape of an envelope] It can store neatly without breaking the bill, and it also has a passbook. Card insertion is 2 pockets in length and 2 pockets in sideways. Since the sideways insertion pocket is tailored to a larger size, we can store point cards etc. which are not standard. **【Things you want to know for those wishing to leather this leather goods】** Even if you say "genuine leather" bitefully, do you know that there are things that can taste aging and what is not so? __Genuine leather can be roughly divided into two types. "Chrome tanned leather" and "Plant tannin tanned leather (Nume leather)".__ Currently, the leather that is on the market is mainstream leather tened using "chrome tanning leather" chemical ingredients. Chrome tanned leather has the advantage that the surface is uniformly finished, flexible, and resistant to heat. Also cost is also cheap because it is finished in large quantities in a short time. On the other hand,__chrome tanned leather is hard to come by "aging" which is the real thrill of using real leather, and the wounds and dirt of aging are directly seen as deterioration as it is.__ In other words, the finest time is the most beautiful leather. Meanwhile, leather tanned using "a vegetable tannin tanned leather" plant astringency is called "leather nume". Nume leather tanning is an ancient process. The finish that keeps the texture of the raw skin, the surface is easily affected by innate scars and blood traces, the softness also differs depending on the part. Cost is also high because it is finished with natural materials for a long time, and it is difficult to say that it is a stable material, but changes such as gloss change due to wearing and a state of increasing the depth of shade, such as "aging" It is a leather that you can enjoy. In other words__"Nume leather" is not perfect when you get it, I think that you can say that the attachment grows over a long time.__ __What you are asking for material of leather, is not it "a material that will crawl for a long time"?__ **"Because you have leather goods at a great price, I'd like you to choose leather that you can taste change by using it long."** From that idea, KALEIDOSCOPE chose "Nume leather" as a material. 【Commitment to Production】 * As possible as possible by hand. Even if it is handmade leather goods, its way of making is varied. There are many places where mass production is carried out using a press machine and a punching die when cutting leather. Cutting with a punching mold can save time and labor, and the shape is accurate. However, the work of KALEIDOSCOPE sticks to "making by hand cutting with the leather kitchen knitted by myself as much as possible" from paper making to cutting of leather. As much as possible for natural leather, we carefully cut and produce it. The cover lid and the surface use parts that are not conspicuous of scratches as much as possible, but there are times when you use parts with unevenness or small scratches on gore and middle parts. I would appreciate it if you can understand it as a taste of one-piece natural leather. Production place / Production method Origin: Japan handmade (Imported from Bangladesh high-quality leather to Japan, designed and produced by Japanese craftsmen)


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