[Limited to only one point - tree 30cm of potter's wheel grind of wooden plate plug (to do)

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木頭 碟子/醬料碟 卡其色 - [Limited to only one point - tree 30cm of potter's wheel grind of wooden plate plug (to do)


Popularity of potter's wheel grind of wooden plate series, was produced the size difference of the limited edition. Previously 15cm, 21cm, but was 3 size of 27cm, here is a platter of 30cm. As the main side dish dish of the table of the family, also, I think that is also active in the party scene. One point only limited, there is no additional production planned. If you have person there to be worried about, please examine it. Photo, because it is kind, grain will be available the same thing with the photos. Himself a craftsman of the potter's wheel ground, performs a Kidori choose and purchase of domestic wood, a beautiful grain that can be used in the dish, was raised shaved in a flat dish grind the potter's wheel. Dish of wood There are many, but the appearance of the dish to be ground of this craftsman is a beautiful stand out. Waiting is the flat close, but because it has subtle curves drawn over the edge, seems to stick to when viewed from above snugly table. Since the back has become a somewhat deep curve, and he has dignified stand atmosphere when placed. Has a crisp and form, but the grain have chosen only very beautiful, so you will feel the gentle warmth like relieved. Finish, olive oil finish. Especially in handling and it remains green body of the tree will come out the need to be careful, but I wanted to leave the warmth and beauty of wood, it was quit that would cover the surface of the wood with urethane paint. So, as a result of trial and error a variety of vegetable oils, it is suitable to finish was easily olive oil finish that can be maintenance at home. About once a month, please dried crowded thin coating of olive oil with a cloth. I will avoid, such as dipping in a long time water, if it is possible to maintenance about once a month, you do not need to be delicate. Please use a lot in everyday use. Trees heavily, it has grown up familiar. Come in this dish, please try the wooden plate debut. Kind of wood plug (to do), horse chestnut (land), three kinds of fir (fir), each in three sizes (15cm, 21cm, 27cm) each, there are a total of 9 products. Other types, please refer from the commodity list of Pint!. [Material] Plug (not) is a domestic timber. Tree of the plug (to do) are native to cold region. Endured the winter of severe cold, wood grain is clear, it is a beautiful white tree. 【size】 Diameter 27cm × thickness of about 2.0cm For-one point one point handmade, size may be some variation. please note that. [Finish] Olive oil finish Please note of when buying] - For natural wood, different one by one color and grain. Since grain is not a choice, we ask that you please acknowledge. [Handling] - About once a month, please dried crowded thin coating of olive oil with a cloth. - Please be avoided dipping for a long time water. - Please refrain from using the microwave oven and dishwasher. · After use, turn off the water as soon as possible, please wiping with a cloth or cloth. Sucking water → easier to warp to the amount and time is often of dry.


No.15,526 - 廚房餐桌  |  No.253 - 碟子/醬料碟
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