[Blue eyes 憂鬱目光] 明信片組(附贈說明小卡可當書籤)/交換禮物

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Blue eyes

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[Blue eyes 憂鬱目光] 明信片組(附贈說明小卡可當書籤)/交換禮物


**//設計初衷//** 這是一個隱喻的系列作品 透過藍色的眼睛釋放鬱悶難解的狀況 憂鬱目光中的生物們看起來都有「某些生物」的影子,卻不完全是 想要表達生活中各種「看似這樣但又不太一樣」的憂鬱情境 人常有看走眼或憑片段判斷他人的時候,因此誤解或失落層出不窮 說不出口的憂鬱油然而生. **//Design Inspiration//** This is a piece of artwork from the Metaphorical series Blue eyes have set us free from melancholy and depression. Within an organism’s melancholic gaze, a shadow of “certain organism” Is cast. However, it does not completely intend to express the melancholy of “ being seemingly alike, yet slightly different ” in life. Making snap judgments or stereotyping is a common human trait that leads to incessant misunderstandings and disappointment. Thus, silent melancholy arises. **//商品概念 / Design Inspiration//** [抱抱的憂鬱目光]概念 / The concept of[Embracing the Melancholic Gaze] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/ef/1e/60/ef1e60871ef39dffb9567f266071c595.png 動物呢喃著:我很尖銳,但我也需要擁抱 -看似再堅強或尖銳的人,也是需要適時的關懷與擁抱- “I am tough but I still need hugs,” murmur the animals. -People who seem strong and intense are also in need of the warmth and care that comes from a timely embrace.- [加油的憂鬱目光]概念 / The concept of[The Encouraging Melancholic Gaze] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/f7/c7/a4/f7c7a43e126b2cf3366df446f0e206c9.png 動物呢喃著:我已經很努力了,可以祝我順利就好,不要再叫我加油嗎? -有時候拼了老命還被說「加油」, 很像在說我還不夠努力- I have done my best. Is it possible to just wish me “God speed” instead of encouraging me? - Even though I risked my old bones, I can still hear somebody saying “fighting”, sounding like I have not worked hard- [忽視的憂鬱目光]概念 / The Concept of [Neglected Melancholic Gaze] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/01/06/29/0106292a4c3178e7c136967c6918e898.png 動物呢喃著:我只是想得到回應,可不可以不要忽略我 -忙碌與快速的生活步調,時常讓需要或重要的人感受不到重視- I just want to receive a response. Could you please not ignore me? -The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes those in need, or those important folks feel neglected- [表達的憂鬱目光]概念 / The Concept of[The Expressive Melancholic Gaze] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e4/ff/08/e4ff081c695c3e5684ac78ea5ea9ed69.png 動物呢喃著:我只是想表達我的想法,不是想要壞掉的翻譯機 -說出的話時常有人幫你翻譯成 不是你本意的言語或誤傳成曲解的樣貌- I just want to express my thoughts. I do not want a broken pocket translator. - Something that was said is frequently misinterpreted or distorted through a communication breakdown; our original intent fails to be clearly and completely expressed. – [臆測的憂鬱目光]概念 / The Concept of [The Questioning Melancholic Gaze] https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/95/c9/8d/95c98dac4c266066c17d24392e63082d.png 動物呢喃著:我一直在這裡,但臆測說我走到了偏差裡 -當你什麼都沒做,臆測的目光還是會說「你怎麼可以這樣」- I am always here but speculation said that I always go awry. -As you do nothing, the Questioning Melancholic Gaze would still ask, “How can you do this?” **//商品規格//** [Blue eyes 憂鬱目光] 明信片組,內容物: 1. 明信片*5(抱抱的憂鬱目光/加油的憂鬱目光/忽視的憂鬱目光/表達的憂鬱目光/臆測的憂鬱目光 各一張) 2. 撕不破概念小卡*5 (每款明信片各附一張) 3. 憂鬱目光設計概念貼紙*1 適合當禮品、禮物或收藏品 尺寸:明信片 10.8x15cm / 概念小卡 4.2x7.5cm 產地/製造方式 台灣製造/設計 [The Blue-eyed Melancholic Gaze] postcard combos include: 1. Postcards *5 2. Small sturdy cards *5 (each type of postcard is included in the combo) 3. Melancholic Gaze Stickers*1 They can serve as presents, souvenirs or collectables. Size:Postcard 10.8x15cm / Small Card 4.2x7.5cm Place of Production/ Method of Production Designed / made in Taiwan


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