Smile panda embroidery almond bag


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pangandaran パンガンダラン
1 天內
1 日內
真皮 手提包/手提袋 咖啡色 - Smile panda embroidery almond bag


At first glance, I don't know what the picture is If you look closely, you'll notice that the panda is looking at you and smiling. A bold, cute and fun motif. The zipper, which is small but opens wide, is extremely easy to use. A leather combination bag with a cute colon shape that fits well with kimono. The leather pocket on the back is also a point. ◎ Different embroidery is stabbed on both sides of the bag. Each one has a different facial expression because it is stabbed by a skilled craftsman with a sideways sewing machine embroidery. ◎ There is a round leather pocket on the back. Stationery, small smartphones, etc. can be put in. ◎ The metal fittings are unified in Kinkobi color, giving a nostalgic impression. ◎ The YKK zipper in Kinkobi color has a wide entrance and is extremely easy to use. ◎ Good quality black cowhide is used for the leather. ◎ A soft polyester fabric is used for the outer material of the bag, and a black dot pattern is used for the lining. ◎ The inside of the bag has one zipper pocket and an open pocket. ◎ The body torso is S size. ■ Size: 21 cm (vertical) x 37 cm (horizontal) (excluding handle) ■ Weight: 250g ■ Product number: 12E78A89L1 "Black leather / caramel color" type ◎ This product will be shipped from Vietnam by regular mail. Trackable. Please note that arrival may be delayed due to the decrease in airmail due to Corona. ◎ Made by Japanese living in Vietnam. ◎ You can track the package after shipping by the slip number. If you come back to Vietnam and wish to ship it again, you will be charged an additional regular shipping fee of ¥ 3,300. please note. Disappearing << horizontal sewing machine embroidery >> Most of the Pangandaran embroidery is stabbed with "horizontal swing sewing machine embroidery". How is "horizontal swing sewing machine embroidery" different from sewing machine embroidery? Is often asked. In ordinary sewing machine embroidery, the machine reads the embroidery picture and automatically stabs it. So all the embroidery is uniform and you can make exactly the same thing. On the other hand, "horizontal swing sewing machine embroidery" is a craftsmanship that embroiders an embroidery picture if the craftsman moves the cloth. Each one has a different facial expression because it is made by humans. There are not two identical embroidery items, and the embroidered embroidery has a texture that makes you feel as if it were a hand embroidery. It's a great craftsmanship just to imagine, moving the sketch to a cloth and stabbing it according to the vertical movement of the sewing machine needle while looking at the original picture. Currently, there are about 400 people in Vietnam who can stab a sideways sewing machine. But among them, 50 people can stab as a job. And 30 people passed the highest rank and 4th level of the embroidery test. Only 10 of them can embroider Pangandaran, which is said to be difficult. However, you can't just be good at it. Yes, embroidery requires a sense. A little nuance can make a big difference in your impression. That's why I'm asking Mr. Hun, who has the best skill in Pangandaran. Mr. Hun is currently 46 years old, but he has been stabbing since he was 15 years old, so he is a big veteran of this road for 31 years. Moreover, it has a really good taste. We have full confidence. Due to recent economic development, the workplace of traditional crafts is in a difficult situation in Vietnam without exception. Since 2000, the number of people who can stab a sideways sewing machine has been decreasing rapidly. There used to be a school, but now skilled craftsmen are taking disciples and teaching. Mr. Hun also taught four people so far, but it is said that there are no young people who can stab them these days. Due to the rapid economic growth, handicrafts are left behind, and it is expected that the number of craftsmen will decrease in the future. The speed is faster than in Japan, and the national system does not try to protect it. As a result, Vietnam's sideways sewing machine embroidery is destined to become a wind-blown light in more than a dozen years. In the video, Mr. Hun, a valuable skilled craftsman, stabbed a "rain shower embroidery". Please see the beautiful embroidery that is colored with reliable technology.


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