Cute cow shoulder bag 


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    Each one owner is a perfect original product making it by sewing with sewing machine from 1.
  • ◆ FunnyGoods! ◆ (Funny goods)

    ● Number of days from shipment to arrival.

    7 days from Japan to Hong Kong
    Japan → Taiwan 6 days
    9 days from Japan to China

    I made a cute shoulder bag with a pattern of cows.

    Please go out once. For concerts and festivals. Cycling, trekking.

    It can be used in various situations.

    Ideal when you said you would like to only include your wallet, smartphone, cigarette!

    · Walking and trekking
    · Leave smartphone, ICOS etc
    · For the live festival
    · Cycling and motorcycle commute
    · As a fashion
    · Second bag
    · Pet walk

    ■ The body uses animal cotton fabric. Either male or female can be used.
    For shoulder straps, American parachute code. Very durable, soft and stylish shoulder strap.

    I make the length of the string so that it can be adjusted. Lengthen the length of the cord so that the shoulder does not hurt, it becomes double.

    ♪ Coordination is also popular as part of fashion ♪

    ■ I made one pocket before. FunnyGoods! I am sewing tags.
    I use a black cloth on the inside.

    ◆ Size (approx) ◆

    Horizontal 26 cm, length 19.5 cm

    ● Depending on lighting and image quality, colors may look slightly different. All methods for displaying images and patterns may be different. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

    ● If the load is applied too much, the metal part may be damaged.

    Recommended for gifts for loved ones such as Happy Birthday, Birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, White Day, Graduation, Enrollment, Employment, Wedding Celebration, Anniversary.
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Cute cow shoulder bag 

US$ 35.99
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