Little Tan Midi Bags Hand woven and Botanical Dyed Cotton

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Pinkoi 獨家販售
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cotton, natural dyes from Thailand. The housewife of Chiang Mai with expertise in the field of weaving in particular.



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Little Tan Midi Bags Hand woven and Botanical Dyed Cotton


Little Tan Midi Bags Hand woven and Botanical Dyed Cotton Code: B0174 Bag size Length : 8 Inches. / 20 cm. Height : 7 Inches. / 17.5 cm. Width : 4 Inches. / 10 cm. Strap size Length : 45 Inches. / 112.5 cm. If you're interested in different colors... ♡♡ A : Green Color Cotton ♡♡ B : Natural Color Cotton ♡♡ C : Pink Color Cotton ♡♡ D : Natural-Brown Color Cotton ♡♡ E : Brown-Blue Color Cotton ♡♡ F : Natural-Tan Color Cotton ♡♡ G : Brown Color Cotton With a compact design and a bag with a square shape. You can hold a lot of A pocket-size, portable, ideal for day trips. For a gift Personal information The bag consists of 100% cotton yarn that has been hand woven with natural colors. Brown bag made of genuine leather. The zipper is a zipper, brass teeth drawn steel slip and durable. A small side pockets for pens, cell phone. The holder of a zipper closure for the main. The outer channels are optimized for the most commonly used. A purse or cell phone. The bag is made of cotton by Chiang Mai housewife with expertise in the field of weaving in particular. Fiber dyeing with plants native to the north of the country. Tan color is made from Pradoo. Du / Pradoo (Pterocarpus indicus) By the folk creation, Pradoo ,which is economics wood, is brought into fabric industry. The pradoo bark is use to produced dye. The bark is grounded and bring to boiled. The boiled liquid is extract to dye. Pradoo is another raw material which is suitable with conservation. Green color is made from Peka. Peka (Oroxylum indicum) Peka is normally traditional medicine and now, it is use as dye. Peka 's bark is the part of tree which are use to produce dye. The bark is choped and bring to bioled. The dye color of Peka is green. Brown color is made from ebony. Ebony or Makluea (Diospyros mollis) Ma Kluea or Ba Kluea in northern dialect is normally used as traditional medicine. And, it also is used in fabric industry as dye. To produced dye, Ma Kluea fruit is fermented and bring the liquid from fermentation to filtered. The final color of fermented Makluea liquid is brown. Pink color is made from shellac. Shellac (Krang) Lac is the resinous secretion of lac insects. Lac is used to cover the body of lac insects and protect it from dangerous. Human took sticklac from tree and use it. Sticklac is scarlet. So after crunched and dissolve, the dye is scarlet pink color which is beautiful as natural color. We select high quality cotton and hemp yarns by dyeing and cleaning the lines. For the comfort of the user. And focus on beautiful colors. And care about the environment and people do it by avoiding raw materials or procedures that cause all kinds of toxins. Our products are safe and environmentally friendly. Every item in store is handmade by the seller, so there will be some differences between the colour and texture of the actual product you receive and what is shown in the picture. But this also adds to the uniqueness of each product! Your understanding is appreciated. How To Care For Tan's Bags ^^ PS : The color of the image you see may be distorted, depending on the display of the device you are using.


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