Ain’t no mountain high enough(Red)


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    When we were young, mountain climbing is just so fun and joyful, we never care about its height.
    we were only curious and excited of what kind of animals or plants, or what kind of scenery are await for us.
    When we get smarter, we are more coward at the same time. We sudden think of ‘a reason not to climb’ first.
    There wil be no such “a too high mountain”. There will only have mountain that its height suit our thought.
    These are the inspiration of this hat.

    On crown part we use nap raised Nepal cotton.
    It’s just like wool in both quality sense and thickness.
    In high elevation yet cold harsh environment, this spin will extraordinary keeping heat in.
    In addition, this unique patterns and colors are Nepal local unique.
    since we use back side of swine leather for brim(rough feeling side), it weaken crown glitz and brought relax atmosphere.
    Eight bushes clover part stich mutual between half lower and half upper part, so this will bring you further sense of quality.
    If you pinch crown part down to the front, you will get a flat shape hunting.
    If you pinch crown part up(slightly pull back), it will become a round shape casket.
    if you raise one side up and other side down, it will creat a lovely atmosphere of left-right asymmetry form✩
    Coordinate this with your dark fall/winter clothes will instanly increase your fashionable and glamorous!
    let’s enjoy changing its shape to coordinate as you wish!



    Spring / Autumn / Winter (3 seasons)

    ●inside size : 60cm (suit for size L-LL) 
    ●height : 15cm 
    ●brim : 5cm 
    * There is Magic Tape (size adjusting tape) at inner side of slipping (sweatband) of the hat.
    By strangle this it can be reduce to 57-58cm (suit for M size)

    Please Note:
    * Due to the configuration of your PC or environment, cutting pattern of materials,
    character of materials, the color of the product on site and the real one might slightly different.
    Please acknowledge in advance.
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Ain’t no mountain high enough(Red)

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