A set of 12 zodiac animals colored with Japanese paper

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MIZUNOKI Handcraft
MIZUNOKI Handcraft
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A set of 12 zodiac animals colored with Japanese paper


This work is a set of "12 zodiac animals figurines" colored with Japanese paper. Each animal is finished in a warm and soothing atmosphere, making use of the gentle and warm colors of Japanese paper. Light and durable zodiac animals that are palm-sized. Since the types and usage of Japanese paper used for coloring differ depending on the animal, you can enjoy the variation of coloring with Japanese paper. In addition, you can enjoy not only the front, but also the characteristic back of each animal, such as the tail of a mouse or the butt of a monkey. Let me introduce you in more detail ... ● Mouse: By layering and pasting white transparent Japanese paper on gray Japanese paper, you can create a soft and gentle color. The tail is made and pasted. ● Cow: A cute Holstein pattern with black and white brindle. The shape of the black pattern is arranged by pasting the torn Japanese paper and then tracing it with tweezers. ● Tiger: The characteristic striped pattern is made by cutting black Japanese paper with scissors and pasting it. ● Rabbit: By layering and coloring several types of Japanese paper, such as light cream, the finish is gentle and textured. ● Tatsu: All small parts such as weapons and nails are colored with Japanese paper. A dragon based on green that has both coolness and cuteness. ● Snake: A lovely snake with crisp eyes. Several types of Japanese paper are used to color the body to express gradational shades. ● Horse: A horse with gentle eyes. We use several types of brown Japanese paper for coloring. ● Sheep: A sheep with a warm and warm atmosphere. Two types of white Japanese paper are layered and pasted together to create a fluffy and fluffy feel. ● Monkey: A cute red-faced monkey with a Japanese macaque motif. Please also pay attention to the butt of the charm point. ● Tori: A chicken with a lovely round foam. In order to express the texture of the feathers, different white Japanese papers are layered on top of each other. ● Dog: A dog with a slight smile, modeled after the Shiba Inu. The back view like wiping the tail is also cute ● Wild boar: The charming point of the wild boar is its crisp eyes. The calm brown Japanese paper is used to color the body. We make all the processes from shape to coloring and varnishing one by one by hand. It is a work that you can enjoy the warmth unique to such handicrafts. How about a long-decorated zodiac figurine in your home interior? Enjoy various ways of decorating, such as decorating in a row, decorating on a hinamatsuri, arranging the zodiac signs of the year in the center, and so on. ◇ ◆ Colored with Japanese paper ◆ ◇ This work is molded from stone powder clay, and the surface is colored by pasting Japanese paper torn by hand. Except for some fine patterns, it is not colored with paints, but is expressed in the color of Japanese paper itself. After coloring, it is finished with a water resistant varnish, so it is okay to get a little wet. (If it gets wet, wipe it off gently as soon as possible.) In addition, because it uses lightweight stone powder clay, it has a very light and durable finish. ≪Care method≫ If you are concerned about dust, wipe it gently with a soft cloth or use a tool such as a blower to blow off the dust. ≪Material used in the work≫ Stone powder clay, Japanese paper, varnish ≪Work specifications≫ [Average size] Height approx. 3.5 cm x Width approx. 3 cm x Depth approx. 4 cm [Average weight] Approximately 7g ◇ ◆ Points to note when purchasing ◆ ◇ Please read this so that you can enjoy your important shopping. If you have any questions, inquiries or requests, please feel free to contact us ♪ Also, on the product page, the number of photos that can be posted is limited, and detailed photos of all animals cannot be posted. If you have any requests such as "I would like to see more details about this animal in the picture!", Please feel free to tell us. We will send you the photo via the message. [Notes on use] The surface of the work is finished by applying varnish. The varnish used has a UV cut effect and a waterproof level of daily life, but If it gets wet with water, wipe it off as soon as possible so that you can maintain the quality for a long time. Also, store it away from direct sunlight and places with high temperatures. [Because it is a handmade product, it may differ from the photo] As each item is made by hand, the shape, size, and color may differ slightly from the photos shown. Please be aware of this before ordering. [About shipping] This item is "made-to-order". After confirming payment, we will inform you about the estimated shipping date by message. After that, we will contact you again as soon as the ordered item is ready to be shipped. At that time, we will inform you of the specific shipping date details. [Product compensation] In the unlikely event that the purchased item has an initial defect of our responsibility, We will contact you within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product, and we will repair or replace it free of charge. In other cases, we will be exempt from liability, but we can repair it for a fee (free of charge depending on the content).


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It is a work colored with Japanese paper. Each one is hand-made, and every detail is carefully produced. You can feel healing and soothing from the gentle color and texture peculiar to Japanese paper.


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