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真皮 長短皮夾/錢包 紅色 - wallet thin leather wallet leather italian leather leather leather wallet


A long wallet with a linear silhouette that gives a stylish impression. When the flap is closed, it fits quite smartly, but when it is opened, it has an unexpected storage capacity. ■ Functions and features The coin and bill pockets are designed to be widened by devising a way to stop the stitching. As a result, it is easy to put in and take out, and even if you put a lot of contents in it, it will not swell in a strange way, and you can maintain a smart silhouette. The hook opens lightly when you want to open it, and otherwise it has an exquisite firmness and peripheral design that holds the flap firmly. ■ Storage ・Coin purse x 1 ・Bill x 1 ・Card pocket x 7 (including sub-pockets that can hold about 10 cards) ・Sub-pockets for receipts, receipts, etc. Watch the video here. https://youtu.be/bsi2iqytgJM Item details Weight about 187g Size (external dimensions) width approx. 19.5 cm x height approx. 9.5 cm x thickness approx. 2 cm Italian cowhide soft leather *If you would like gift wrapping, please let us know in the remarks column. We will wrap it with a red leather tag and a paper bag tied with a FOR YOU ribbon. ◾️ Color transfer Natural leather that does not use color-stopping chemicals. Please be careful of color transfer, especially at the beginning of use. Please avoid wearing white clothes at the beginning of use. ◾️ Scars and blood vessel marks The scars and blood vessels that the animal had while alive are left as they are on the front and back. Because it is made of natural leather that is purposely made to look like leather, it becomes a one-of-a-kind item with each expression. ◾️ Color blur It is difficult to adjust the color of the leather, which is finished with only dyes, without the use of pigments, and color blurring occurs. There is variation even within leather of the same color. The dye finish gives it a leather-like atmosphere of natural leather. ◾️ Variation in texture and texture Shibo is the wrinkled pattern on the surface of the leather. Even in one piece of leather, there are places with many wrinkles and places with few wrinkles depending on the location. Each difference is the charm of natural leather. ◾️A proof of Italian leather, a number indicating the size of the leather The number on the back is also a proof of Italian leather. There is one printed on each piece of leather, and it is a number that indicates the size of the leather. The characters have an atmosphere and are printed in high-quality areas, so they are used as they are. Therefore, it may enter the product rarely. Personally, I like products with numbers. ◾️ Water stains It can absorb water and cause stains. If it gets wet, wipe it off as soon as possible to prevent stains. Apply Ranapar Leather Treatment for water repellency. ◾️Tiger It refers to streaky patterns and wrinkles that appear in areas that stretch and contract rapidly due to exercise. It is one of the special expressions that natural leather always has. It is never the source of cracks, cracks, etc. ◾️ Luxurious all-leather tailoring without lining In general leather products, thinly processed leather is bonded to a core material to give strength, and the inner lining is attached, but unlike leather, it deteriorates first as it is used, becoming sticky or tattered. It often happens. In order to use it for a long time, it is made of solid leather without lining. Tailored with thickness and strength. ◾️Maintenance The Italian leather used in LADIES&GENTLEMEN will look longer, more lustrous, and deeper with age if you give it oil maintenance. Apply oil to the bag about once every three to six months. We recommend Ranapa, which is available at the online store. Ranapar is a leather treatment that preserves, polishes and repels water. Small leather items are often touched by hands, so they change to a glossy color without applying. ◾️ About returns and exchanges Please note that unless the product is defective, it cannot be returned or exchanged. If the product is damaged or damaged due to an accident during delivery, or if you receive a product different from what you ordered, we will replace it at our expense. ◾️ Delivery time All products are made to order, so please wait 2-3 weeks for accessories and 3-4 weeks for bags.


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