Lamp - Cat town

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323 labo.
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樹脂 燈具/燈飾 白色 - Lamp - Cat town


A lamp of a landscape with a cat. We made it with the motif of Japanese famous novel, Sakutaro Hagiwara's "Nekomachi(Cat town)". The top of the plastered brick wall becomes a curved alley, and there is a bay window overhanging the raised wall of the stairs. A magic lantern lights up in the space surrounded by walls... A "lamp with a landscape" designed with the image of the atmosphere of "Cat Town". A cat with a lifted tail walks quietly through the landscape. This is actually made of hard resin with 3D printer output. The detailed modeling of cats and bay windows is unique to 3DCG design. We made many trials and adjusted the thickness of the slightly transparent white resin so that the lamp part looks shining. The light does not get hot because it uses an LED candle light. The resin body is much lighter than metal and much harder to break than glass, and thus it is safe to put it in a small space on your desk or use it as a night lamp at bedtime. For cats, you can choose your the colour. - Black: almost all pictures - White: 5th photo (please notice: the body is an older version) - opption: two cats, black and white: 9th photo (please notice: the body is an older version) ◆ Important Notice: Change of specification and size 2021/11/4 Specification change: The lamp compartment now has a leg underneath so that the lamp can be fixed in place. Please notice: some pictures show the old version of the lamp body. Details: This product is made as a LED candle lamp cover, it is not glued to the candle part. So you have to be careful when lifting it to prevent the lamp from falling out. However, now the lamp can be held in place by the rubber fixings on the legs underneath the lamp compartment. One day it's on the bookshelf, another day at your bedside...... Feel free to take it with you, depending on your mood. Size change: Before: approx. 50 mm high After the change: approx. 59 mm high Diameter unchanged, maximum diameter approx. 55 mm. Photo 6: Old version on the left, new version on the right. Photo 7: rubber fittings. The price is unchanged. We thank you for your understanding. ◆ Size approx. 59 mm high, 55 mm diameter. ◆ Variation As an accessory with the same motif, we made "Cat Town Kanzashi". ◆ Awards March 2022 - '3D PRINT CONTEST 06' - 3rd prize in the product category. Organiser: FULL DIMENSIONS STUDIO ! Note to customer Please allow for some variation in color between different devices and screens. Actual colors may vary. As this is a handmade product, each detail may be unique. There may be irregularities on the surface or air bubbles may enter in rare cases, but this is not a defective product. If you want perfection like an off-the-shelf item, please refrain from ordering. ! Care Instructions Do not store in direct sunlight. With age, the color will change to amber. Please note that this is not an abnormal change in quality or deterioration. ! Return/Exchange Guidance We only accept return/exchange while following circumstances occurred: * A received product is defective. * Receiving incorrect products. ! Production & Shipping Information We will try our best, but it takes: - Message respond: 1-3 days - Made to order: 5-7 working days - Shipping: to Japan 1-5days, to abroad 1-3weeks maybe.


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A lamp of a landscape with a cat. We made it with the motif of Japanese famous novel, Sakutaro Hagiwara's "Nekomachi(Cat town)".


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