Small Ice Candle with Candle Saucer

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蠟 香氛蠟燭/燭台 藍色 - Small Ice Candle with Candle Saucer


The candle saucer has been changed. Please be aware of this before purchasing. of northern Hokkaido Image of diamond dust "Ice Candle" It will be a product with a candle saucer. When the temperature is 10°C below freezing point Ice crystals that occur. Because it looks like it's shining in the sunlight Also called diamond dust. Cold ice for transparent candles Imaged pale blue. in it Bubbles and lame are used to create the image of ice cubes floating in the air. Powdered palm wax is used on the bottom to create an image of snow and snow pillars. I'm treating you. (Because each one is handmade, The appearance of the pattern is different due to the blue color scheme and melting of the palm wax. Please be aware of this before purchasing. ) The candle is dome shaped. It looks like glass * Mineral oil (liquid paraffin) is used Soft and rubbery texture. You don't have to worry about it breaking even if you drop it. You can enjoy it by bringing it into the bathroom and lighting it. light the candle If you look around the lights, you can see the glitter inside the candles. Glittering and small flows out in the pale blue It may look like diamond dust. *Since each item is handmade, Conditions are different. The scent is a small amount "Winter Blend" is faintly applied. (It doesn't have a strong scent) The thin ice candle will be delivered in a paper box. It's very cold, but when you light the fire, the light is gentle and warm. Please use it for your home or as a gift. no saucer included We also have candle only products. ↓ ●Domestic shipping (Japan) Non-standard-size mail (no tracking, no guarantee) at a uniform rate nationwide We will deliver. ●Overseas shipping (from Japan) It will be shipped by international e-packet. -------------------------- Small ice candle (with candle saucer) Size/Diameter approx. 75 mm x Height approx. 40 mm (dome shape) Burning time / about 13 hours Ingredients/* Mineral oil (liquid paraffin) Highly refined selected mineral oil with advanced mineral oil Japan Food Additive Standard Japanese Pharmacopoeia and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration Cosmetic Ingredient Standards) A highly safe oil that has passed the test standards set by palm wax Candle saucer / 95 mm in diameter (made of glass) -------------------------- ※As it is handmade, Conditions such as air bubbles, lame, gradation, etc. 1 point 1 point slightly different. Thank you for your understanding. Points to note when purchasing ○ The color of the photo seen on the computer Actual colors may differ slightly. Please note. ○I make it by hand one by one. Although there are some imperfections, as a handmade product Thank you for your understanding. Production area/Production method Japan


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of northern Hokkaido Image of diamond dust "Ice Candle" It will be a product with a candle saucer.


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