Hand-printed Silk Leather Mini Wallet Wallet Yurari Suisen [Made in Japan]

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絲.絹 長短皮夾/錢包 粉紅色 - Hand-printed Silk Leather Mini Wallet Wallet Yurari Suisen [Made in Japan]


https://youtu.be/_c2E4R-kSFw **Hand-printed silk leather mini wallet "Hoshino Buke"** Silk pongee spun from knotty thread is hand-printed by craftsmen and dyed one by one. I made a wallet with pearl tone processed fabric together with Italian leather. Pearl tone processing has water repellent and antifouling effects, You can use it everyday without spoiling the texture of silk. Every time you use a wallet that you usually use, your feelings will become brighter, remember the person who gave it to you, That's what I thought. Even if cashless payments increase, I want to carry a little cash, Light and easy-to-use mini wallet for such people The pattern, leather inside, and zipper decoration are also particular about the color scheme. The inside pocket is engraved with inorico. Both patterns are redesigned from Meiji to Showa designs. The "Tenassen" series that focuses on traditional Japanese stencil dyeing The point is the tasteful color that can not be done with machine dyeing. Beautiful colors and patterns made by hand by craftsmen. The fabric is carefully dyed by craftsmen. I was particular about the taste and texture of the dye. Since the craftsmen hand print each color, the overlap of colors will give you a taste. Boxed inorico new brand of ino-kichi A coined word combining Inokichi and urico, prayer With the thought of praying for the happiness of the person who gave it and the person who uses it. About silk products Adhesion between the dye and the thread becomes weak due to the adhesion of moisture, and the color may fade. Also, if it gets dirty, rubbing it hard to remove it may cause the color to fade. If moisture adheres, immediately remove it with a soft dry cloth, etc. Avoid direct sunlight and dry thoroughly before using. About leather Italian cowhide leather is used for the inside and handle of this product. The surface is processed to give it a glossy finish, so do not apply leather cream etc. If it gets dirty, wipe it dry. About pearl tone processing With pearl tone processing, each fiber has a water repellent and stain resistant effect, It repels water and makes it difficult for water-soluble stains and dirt to adhere. Furthermore, without changing the original texture and luster of silk, It has the effect of "mildew resistance" that reduces the growth of mold that occurs during storage. However, even if processed, mold will still grow if the conditions for moisture (humidity), temperature, nutrients, and oxygen are met. Avoid storing in particularly hot and humid places. If there is water-based dirt, gently press the dirt with a clean towel and blot it up. [size] Width: about 11.5cm Height: about 10cm A gusset: Approximately 1.7cm [material] Outer material: Silk pongee (100% silk, pearl tone processing) Lining: Lining genuine leather (Italian leather), 100% rayon Decorative string: Cowhide Fastener: copper alloy made in Japan [weight] about 53g [Precautions for use] ・Made with full-patterned fabric. The appearance of the pattern differs depending on the cutting location. ・In principle, this product cannot be washed. If it gets wet, please dry it in the shade. ・If you rub the printed part strongly, the color may transfer. ・If you put too much stuff inside, it may cause the zipper to open. Please be careful. https://www.kyobiijt.co.jp/pinkoi/zuan.jpg Inokichi is an original brand provided by Kyomi Dyeing Co., Ltd., a dyeing company. We offer various items such as tote bags, clasps, pouches, etc., based on the concept of "goods that can be enjoyed in everyday life that can only be done by a dyer," making use of the techniques of Kyo Yuzen and the designs that have been passed down. Expressing Japanese pattern motifs with vivid colors and bold compositions, we will continue to deliver products that you can enjoy using in your daily life.


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Follow us and get a 5% OFF coupon. Inokichi's original hand-printed silk fabric x Italian leather wallet. A small wallet for coins, cards and bills. The silk has a pearl tone finish that is waterproof and stain resistant, and comes in a box, so it is recommended as a gift.


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