【Woody'sHandmade】幸福(紫水晶版)。紫水晶單層手串。Happiness -- Amethyst

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【Woody'sHandmade】幸福(紫水晶版)。紫水晶單層手串。Happiness -- Amethyst


【Woody'sHandmade】幸福(紫水晶版)。紫水晶單層手串。 Happiness — Amethyst 我們總會經過一些過去,有些成長,才能抓住那得來不易的幸福。 象徵智慧的紫水晶,帶來成長勇氣的天河石,與遍佈天然美麗紅色礦質的草莓晶。 沈靜的顏色,美好的祝福,為了前往幸福路上的你而設計。 材質: 手串主材質:紫水晶6mm圓珠、草莓晶8mm圓珠,天河石圓片,925銀 We all have to experience some past history, some growing up, in order for us to get hold of happiness that is hard to get. This bracelet has amethyst, the symbol of wisdom, plus amazonite that is believed can build the courage to grow and with Strawberry quartz that has natural beauty of the red mineral all of it. May this bracelet’s settling color design bring you good wishes and path to your happiness. Material: Amethyst 6mm, Strawberry quartz 8mm, Amazonite, 925 silver 尺寸 中,適合手腕周徑約為16cm 大,適合手腕周徑約為18cm 訂製大小,依您的手腕大小製作,請和我們聯絡。 Standard size Medium: wrist circumference size around 16 cm
Standard size Large: wrist circumference size around 18 cm
Please contact us if you need custom made size based on your wrist circumference size.

 設計師簡介 親愛的朋友們,歡迎來我們的設計館。 有幾件事情想跟大家溝通,請耐著性子看完。 第一,天然礦石類一定會有瑕疵。冰絮、紋路、礦眼,我們在製作時會努力挑選,但無法保證每顆珠子百分之百完美,如果不能接受,請勿下單。 第二,每批礦石各有特色,即使同一種水晶寶石,隨著礦區、開採時間,也會不同。如您不能接受色差,請勿下單。 第三,台灣地區製作及寄送大約需要一週時間,如果有特殊時間需求,請來信溝通。 第四,請量好手腕的長度。測量方式:請在手腕最突出的骨頭後方,用線輕輕圈起來,不必預留空間。 謝謝你們看完所有說明,希望你們逛的開心,也希望我們的作品能有緣份和您相會。 About the designer

Dear friends, welcome to Woody’s Handmade. There are a few things we would like to communicate with you and seek for your understanding:
 First, there will always be some flaws in natural ores such as Ice flore, grain, ore eye..etc. We will strive to pick the best during the process, but can not guarantee 100% perfection for each bead. if you can not accept this term and condition, please do not purchase. 
Second, each batch of ore has their own characteristics - even if the same kind of crystal and gemstones, it differs based on different mine locations and mining time. Therefore, we can only "try" but we can not guarantee to have it exactly "identical" with as the photos shown. If the precise color of the bead is of a concern to you, we suggest that you pick beads made from colored ore.
 Third, please reserve two weeks for production and shipping time. If you have urgent need for shorter lead time, please be sure to communicate with us as soon as possible. 
Fourth, please measure the length of the wrist accurately. Measurement method: Make a loose circle with a string around the back of the most prominent bone of the wrist, it will be the correct length. 
Fifth, I welcome any discussion with you about what type of design you like and what kind of ore you like. I will try my best to design what you would love! 
Thank you for reading all the instructions and shopping our store, hope our design and product will meet you soon. 
Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan, hand-string 產地/製造方式 手工串製 台灣


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