Swarovski Freshwater Pearl Shell Pony Hook Hair Elastics Light Colorado Topaz Version

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Swarovski Freshwater Pearl Shell Pony Hook Hair Elastics Light Colorado Topaz Version


~~~❄ +250 yen for wrapping♪ ~~~ Instagram: ralulushu Movies are being uploaded Antique pink version https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/9MmfppgB Aquamarine blue version https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/TYGLUa7C It is a pony hook that you can easily and stylishly arrange the hair simply by inserting the hook part into the knot of the elastic banded hair such as ponies. Fine quality parts, such as freshwater pearl shell Swarovski, add to the brilliance. You can use it not only for everyday use, but also for kimono, yukata, and kimono obi decoration in any occasion, so please arrange a lot! *Please note: The position of the parts may change, so it is not always as shown in the image. (For example, feeling of the 9th image) ・Material -Freshwater Pearl Swarovski Shell Rhinestone Gold Plated ・Size -Top part: about 2.7cm *We try to shoot in colors that are as close to the actual colors as possible, but it is a characteristic of natural stone that the impression changes depending on the light conditions. ************ This is the birthstone for June. The stone words include "health, wealth, longevity, and innocence." Freshwater pearls that bring happiness Freshwater pearl is said to have a strong power to repel disaster. It is said to have the effect of preparing the environment so that people who have it can spend their days happy. Pearls are not stones to be true. However, freshwater pearls are said to energize negative energy and shine their charms, and since various other effects are expected, they are treated as power stones. Freshwater pearl is known as a jewel of love because it has the power to attract evil spirits and attract the hearts of the opposite sex, and is often used at weddings and other occasions. Freshwater pearls are said to have strong protection from ancient times and protect the owners. You can expect the effect of eliminating depression and irritability. Since it has the highest level of protection, it also has the power to protect children from accidents and illnesses. It has the same function as a shellfish's ability to cherish pearls and grow them in the body, and is also effective as a talisman for pregnant women and easy delivery. For the same reason, it is expected that the baby will be blessed with the effect. Freshwater pearl that enhances femininity and is effective for beauty and health It is said that freshwater pearls have the effect of enhancing the motherhood of women and enhancing their beauty and femininity when worn, and it is said that Cleopatra was worn as a talisman of beauty in the old days. Wearing freshwater pearls brings out the good aspects of women and has the effect of coordinating, increasing the feminine beauty of the inside as well as the appearance. It has long been believed that this stone has the power to keep youthful and healthy. ************ ralulu.shu ralulushu Natural stones Power stones Gold accessories Jewelry Jewelery quality Handmade gifts Gifts Kanzashi Yukata obi decoration Kimono decoration Hair accessories Hair rubber decoration "Autumn handmade 2019"


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Using high quality materials, considering not only adhesion, but also durability, this item was hand-knitted and made over time. Please enjoy it for a long time.


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