EarPhones Neck Holder "iHooc"


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  • 《When you are at the cashier, or when you encounter someone you know, you might want to remove your earphones for a minute.” iHooc” is there to hold them for you. 》

    ■ How to use “iHooc”
    To attach,tuck the earphone through a notch provided in the”iHooc” body. Place “iHooc”on your neck. When you are not using earphones, pull down the code so that earpieces fit in place close to your neck.

    ■ Size
    We have 3size. Please write your desired size in the remarks column.
      S ( circumference 41cm): mainly for women
      M ( circumference 43cm): mainly for men
      L ( circumference 45cm): for men who likes to wear them loose.
    ※ The first picture shows size S
    ※ We recommend the length 3~5cm added to the size of your neck.

    We have three colors. Please write the color of your choice in the remarks column.
    3rd: Camel ×Navy lining (We also have Camel×Beige lining)
    4th: Red ×Red lining
    5th: Black ×Navy lining

    ■ Material
    Body: Leather
    Lining: faux suede fabric
    Core material:steel band
    ※ We have improved   the hold feeling in the neck by placing the steel band. 

    ■”iHooc”   is made to fit both earbud and canal type earphones with the maximum diameter <   of φ11mm~φ18mm at the part of ear head.
    ※ By adding 10mm cut to the round hole of 11mm in diameter we made it possible to plug the ear head.
    ※If by any chance earphone head does not fit ,it is also possible to make a longer cut by yourself.
    ※ In some cases, earphones with extremely complicated shape may not fit in the hole even within the size recommended.
    ※ Patent Publication No.2014/033329 producer / production method made in Japan.
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EarPhones Neck Holder "iHooc"

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