Mino Japanese paper forget-me-not earrings / Clip-On

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Mino Japanese paper forget-me-not earrings / Clip-On


Forget-me-not pierced earrings / Clip-On made of Mino Japanese paper with a fresh and refreshing atmosphere. Forget-me-nots with impressive small blue flower lover blooming. Small petals were cut one by one with scissors and gently bloomed on the edge of the cabochon that imitated the surface of the water. Around the forget-me-not, pearl brion with the image of buds is treated, and it is finished in a lovely and elegant design. Forget-me-nots are also known to bloom on the shore, and in the image of the stage Donau River, which is the origin of the name of this flower lover, hand-colored Mino Japanese paper was pasted on a glass cabochon to express the water surface of the river. Two cabochon colors are available, one is light blue, which is the image of the shallow water of a river, and the other is blue-green, which is the image of the abyss of a clear river. Please choose the color of the cabochon from the options ✲ By reducing the amount of metal used in the parts, the light shines in beautifully and you can enjoy a more water-like look. In addition, the back side of the glass cabochon is coated with a thick resin, and the part that comes into contact with the skin is polished to eliminate discomfort when wearing it. << About materials >> Mino Japanese paper (machine Japanese paper) produced in Gifu prefecture is used for forget-me-not. Mino Japanese paper is made by using plenty of water from the Nagara River, a clear stream in Gifu prefecture, and bleaching it cleanly over time. Mino Japanese paper is made by pouring the blessings of Gifu. Forget-me-not, cabochon back ... Mino Japanese paper, resin (LED resin) Metal fittings ... Surgical Stainless Steel(glass coating construction) Size ... Overall: Approximately 2.5 to 3 cm Weight ... Approximately 1-2g "point" -The light comfort unique to Japanese paper reduces the strain on your ears even when used for a long time. -It is impregnated with resin (LED resin) for durability and water resistance. -Since there is little discoloration, you can enjoy the texture for a long time. -If it is soaked in water, it will not be broken or torn, so you can use it with confidence. * Please check the following notes regarding handling. -The metal fittings are coated with glass. -You can use it with confidence even if you are allergic to metal or are concerned about discoloration of metal fittings. (* The effect of glass coating is not permanent.) "important point" As each item is handmade, the size, shape, color, etc. may differ from the image. The petals are made by cutting them one by one with scissors, so there are individual differences. As with real flowers, please enjoy the difference in how they bloom. Since the material is Japanese paper, it is a little flexible. It is coated with resin for durability and water resistance, but there is a risk of cracking or damage if too strong force is applied. Please wear a glass cabochon as much as possible so as not to put a load on the flower part. Pearl Bullion may melt in response to heat. When using a hair dryer, be sure to remove this work before using it. Also, do not soak this work in water for a long time or leave it wet. If it gets wet, gently wipe it off with a tissue paper or soft cloth and dry it well. If it is not worn, clean the metal fittings, avoid high temperature and humidity, and store it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.


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☆ If you refresh your neck with short hair or hair arrangement, the water surface of the cabochon will stand out more. ☆ It is recommended to match with the refreshing fashion of early summer. ☆ You can feel free to use it even in situations where there are many opportunities to put on and take off the mask.


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