Kimono purse FUGURO that brings happiness

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Kimono purse FUGURO that brings happiness


<The only beauty in the world that brings happiness to you> People who used to live in Watari, Miyagi Prefecture, used to give gifts in "bags" made from old kimono cloth. For example, it was a box of rice that was used as a celebration or in return. There was no fixed name, and "Fuguro" was dull and was called "Fuguro". "FUGURO" is a remake of the old custom. The material is a kimono with a congratulatory pattern selected from thousands of pieces that sleep in a chest of drawers. While firmly sewing in the feelings of wishing for the happiness of the person who holds it, each piece is carefully hand-crafted. We sew a joyful culture of gratitude and gratitude into our products to wrap up and give away important things. We bring you only one beauty in the world that brings happiness to you. Two colors of thread are used to match the colors of the outer and lining. Enjoy beautiful stitches that are comfortable to everyone's eyes. <Sign of happiness, auspicious pattern> It is a congratulatory pattern that is often used as a "sign of happiness", and knowing the meaning of the Japanese pattern also leads to touching the depth of Japanese culture that has been passed down from ancient times. <Umebun> "Pray for success" "Pray for academic achievement" "Pray for easy delivery" It is said that Tenjin-sama dwells in the seeds of plums, and it has been treated in the same way as the god of learning. <Autumn leaves> "Improvement in art" "Fulfillment of love" A pattern loved by the samurai who "takes the world" because the shape of the leaves resembles a comb. Since the season of deer love is around the time when the autumn leaves are colored, the wish for the fulfillment of love is also included. <Aomi Namibun> "Improvement of art" "Future eternity" Since the waves will last forever, the wishes of the future are included. <Kikubun> "Longevity extension" "Prayer for rejuvenation" "Prayer for health" Chrysanthemums were believed to have anti-aging power and were used for medicinal purposes. It is considered to be the king of hundreds of grasses and a long-lived Zuicho flower lover. <Japanese gift> Since the material is kimono, which is a symbol of Japanese culture, it is used as a souvenir of Japan and as a gift for foreign customers. It is not bulky and is convenient to carry. A product manual written in both Japanese and English is attached. <Various ways to use> As a back-in-back, it is a small case for storing keys and supplements. Put sweets that are indispensable for refreshing the office. As an interior to decorate your living room. It's a fun time to think about how to use it. You can use it for various purposes depending on the idea of the user. It can be used as a reversible. <Happiness to see, fun to collect> The kimono fabric of the auspicious pattern that delights the eyes is an item that brings an image of happiness just by looking at it. If you collect your favorite works, you can enjoy creating your own gallery. [Material] Outer material: Kimono / Lining: Cotton, etc. [Size] Length 19.5 cm x Width 16 cm x 襠 4 cm <Notes on purchase> * Everything is made by hand, so please understand that each piece has a slightly different size, shape, and pattern. * In rare cases, we will make multiple works from the same kimono fabric only when you get a kimono fabric in good condition. Please note that depending on the cutting position of the fabric, we may deliver works with slightly different patterns from the photos. * Please note that the color and texture may look different between the photo on the screen and the actual product. If you are concerned, please contact us or refrain from dealings. * Please note that it is often not possible to specify the material of the kimono used as the material because there are many used items and there is no description. In addition, we have thoroughly inspected the product, washed it, and then remade it. Depending on the fabric, it may discolor or shrink when it gets wet, so please handle it with care. * Since it is also sold on other sites, please forgive it when it is sold out.


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WATALIS products have been selected as souvenirs when the Governor of Miyagi visits overseas. It was also handed over by the Governor of Miyagi Prefecture to President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan. "One and only" "Nostalgic and new beauty" "Polite handiwork"


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