Daruma Pouch

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Daruma Pouch


[Kurume Aya Gamaguchi Pouch] Looking at the red cotton of old cloth ... I was thinking, "What do you want this red color to be?" "That's right! Daruma-san! Daruma's red!" I came up with. Taketa City, Oita Prefecture, where I live, is my father's hometown, and one of the folk crafts is the "Princess Daruma" with a neat face and a little mouth. When I was a kid, I often drew "Daruma-san" on the back of advertisements. When I drew it again, the quality of the picture did not evolve, but it was very nostalgic and cute. Red Daruma dolls are said to be beneficial for good luck, disease-free, and family safety. I tried to put such a Daruma doll in my mouth so that I could always keep it close to me. Each one is hand-sewn and all the faces are different. Which Daruma-san would you like to make friends with? [material] Outer cloth: Kurume Kasuri old cloth Inner cloth: Double gauze Since the inner cloth uses an interlining, it can be stored securely. [size] 11 cm x 14 cm without gusset [Kurume Aya] It is a simple cotton woven fabric that is woven using threads (kasuri threads) that have been dyed in advance using a technique called kukuri to represent patterns and is dyed in multiple colors or indigo. The simple "fashionability" that is not bound by kimono has a charm that attracts people's hearts. Born in the climate of Japan, it is a simple and soft fabric that has been incorporated into everyday life and has been loved and loved for many years. Please enjoy the goodness and gentleness of the material that has beauty and functionality. The more you use it every day, the more you get used to it in your life. It can be used for various purposes such as coin purses and small items storage. ▪ Parents and acquaintances give presents to examinees during the examination season. "I put all the small things together in the bag. From time to time, I saw Daruma-san's face and laughed. And my feelings were relaxed. I received a letter. ▪ Also, from elderly people "You can easily find it in the red Daruma doll in your handbag. I received the words. * It will be a handmade one-of-a-kind item. * Only the Gamaguchi pouch is sold. Other shooting goods are not included. Gamaguchi purse


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It is made with "Kurume Kasuri", one of the three major Japanese traditional crafts. Legend has it that the red "Daruma" is good luck and amulet. And it is a lucky charm. To pray for success to the examinees! For celebrations and small gifts!


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