Made-to-order notebook ☆ With your favorite cloth! Only one notebook in the world

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Made-to-order notebook ☆ With your favorite cloth! Only one notebook in the world


I will make a custom-made notebook with your favorite cloth! If you increase the size, you can dyed in a different color with the dyed notebook now, His favorite cloth and, You can also make it with clothing fabrics that have a strong feeling. The size is as small as 7 cm in width and 10 cm in height Square ones with a width of 9 cm and a height of 9 cm. You can make it your favorite size up to the size of width 9 cm × height 9 cm. (If you would like other sizes, please contact us from the message. It is about 5 cm × 5 cm in size and 1500 yen ~ Width of 10 cm × height of about 17 cm is 4000 yen ~) The main text is a book paper with easy-to-write and warm inks. Please also consult contents. What you can do for free A blank sheet · Ruled lines (Thinner can be specified) · Graphic paper (size can be specified to some extent) · The second annual schedule of the image (no date) + ruled line (Only this one will be about 10 cm wide × 17 cm tall. Limited stock inventory is limited) How to order. ① Please specify size and text. ②Please prepare the cloth on the cover. The size is okay if it is about 20 cm × 25 cm. To this place (Kagoshima Prefecture) Please mail. It can be ordinary mail. ③ I will prepare the text and a cover sheet, and prepare a notebook and ship it. Please read before ordering. · Cloth purchase fee and shipping fee up to here will be borne by the customer. · If the remainder of the cloth used for cover becomes large, we will return it, Basically we will dispose of it here. (There is no use for other hand grenades etc) · You can also add options for other fees. ☆ button + placing a string on the cover 500 yen ☆ Add a pocket 500 yen ☆ 500 yen to put a place to point the pen ☆ 500 yen dyeing fabric The price of this option changes depending on the material etc. About the cover of the cover Because I am making a strong notebook backing Japanese paper, Fabrics that do not breathe water and thick cloths are difficult. Thin fabrics such as cotton fabrics such as thin denim fabrics and yukata and liberties No problem. Waterproofing things and wool fabrics and those that stretch and shrink are not acceptable. If there is any other consultation please tell from the message. I would like to correspond as much as possible ♪


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