mizore + Feuilles

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The pretty form that shakes swaying is a long-popular design.



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mizore + Feuilles


There are three small pearls on the curled leaves. The pretty form that shakes swaying is a long-popular design. The white glass that shines under the sun's sun is like melting ice. Because brass metal fittings are attached to the catch part, they shake from the back of the ear like a wearing image. If you can exchange the catch, you can use it as a simple piercing, so enjoy it with 2 way, enjoy piercing with a wide range of scenes. <Size> Glass part: approximately Φ 8 mm / Overall: 39 mm <Material> Glass · Brass · Fake Pearl Pierce bracket: K14 gf (catch is resin) <What is K14gf ...> It is a gold layer crimped to a material (brass) with high heat and pressure, and when the weight of the gold layer is 1/20 or more of the total weight including the material, it is called <gf> gold filed (gold tension). Because it is made of a much thicker layer than gold plating, there is little to be peeled off even if it is used for a long time. Also different from plating, there is a sense of luxury in the color of the gold. -------------------------------------------------------------------- - - 【please note】 · Although photographs are taken of the real thing, there is some difference in color from the actual ones. Please acknowledge it beforehand. (Wear picture is image) · Every single one, I melt and produce the glass. There are left and right size and irregularity of shape, unevenness of color etc. We hope you enjoy the texture unique to handmade. · Because of the glass product, please be careful about handling as there is a possibility of breaking at the time of failure. · If abnormality is found on your skin during use, stop using it immediately and follow the doctor's diagnosis. · The product uses very small parts. Please note that small children do not accidentally swallow. · Although rarely something like a line may be seen in the glass, it is a line that will inevitably come out at the stage of production. Please be assured that it is not a crack or damage. · Although something like a film sticking to the side or surface of the glass may appear, this is also something that can not be done anyway. ※ Please note that we can not take responsibility for any accidents caused by using this product. (I will assume that you acknowledge it as soon as you purchase the item) <About delivery> ※ Shipment is normally within 7 days (excluding weekends and holidays). * Please acknowledge not being able to compensate for accidents etc. concerning delivery. ■ Non-standard-size mailing → No guarantee · No pursuit · No arrival date specified ■ Takkyubin Compact → Guaranteed · Trackable · Arrival Date Specified <About repair> We will respond to repair free if damaged within one week from the arrival of goods. However, due to handmade items, we may not be able to respond. ■■■ business hours ■■■ business hours Monday to Frid 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 ※ We are taking a break on weekends and holidays.


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