babygift giraffe Bib & rattle set

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babygift giraffe Bib & rattle set


Size: Stai 25cm in height X 17cm in width, rattle 24cm in height X 14cm in width Target age: To around 0-3 years old A color: Blue-green Material: 100% cotton A bell: Because it is made by plastic not to be rusted, I am safe. Washing: Please use it after making drying in the sun after hand-washing, and being dried well. Because I do not preshrink it, I may shrink after washing to some extent. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. The baby gift which "BIB & "rattle" set. You can enjoy it in reversible in comfortable material softly. [BIB] The dress material uses the Liberty cloth of 100% of cotton, and the back comes to support reversible in soft and fluffy baby pile. For an accent having a cute sewing machine stitch of the bear cat motif. I produced the stitch so that it was in a bright impression like a child because I used a colorful thread. As for the patch embroidery of a red circle for a point. Arrive in free of charge magic tape after a neck, and outside is simple. Because there is the thickness that it becomes two-ply, and is moderate, spilling it absorbs slaver and a drink a lot. [rattle] It is recommended to the first toy of the baby. I give a baby security by the good ting-a-ling of the feeling and think that it is interested, and the baby can be pleased with a colorful design and face embroidery and the form of the bear cat which it is easy to get close to. I fit a small hand and am the design which it is easy to grasp. [recommended use] A present: It is celebration, Christmas a baby gift, a birthday *Because it is handmade, it is slightly different in an expression and the form of the animal, a pattern of the material, and there is no same thing as one one by one. Because I am particular about a package, it is most suitable for a gift and a present. (image 5) [about build-to-order manufacturing] Please refer for the visitor wanting plural orders willingly. Of one point of all thing some differences go to a design and the form of the cloth to handle it, but, please let suggest it. Please confirm Shop-Guide, Terms of Use before an order by all means from "ABOUT". If there are any questions, please refer from "CONTACT"


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