Apollo ヒューベリオン/ピンブローチ PB084


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     素 材:ピューター

    産地:日本 ハンドメイド


    ・All products are painted by hand, so the color might differ on each products. Please enjoy the warmth of the
    hand-made accessories.
    ・All products are colored by delicate paint. The color might get off by rubbing it hard, using a polishing material
    or solvent. Please handle with care.
    ・DO NOT keep it at a wet, hot, or a place where it get a direct sunlight. It may cause color fading, rust, or
    change the shape.
    ・DO NOT leave it wet and keep it clean. It may cause rust or mold. Wipe it with a clean soft cloth after putting
    off the item.
    ・Please put off the accessories when taking a bath or during sleeping. Be careful of loss or damaging it.
    ・It might cause an itch, an eruption for some people by wearing it for a long time. If you feel something strange
    while wearing, put it off immediately and go to a medical specialist.
    ・When doing heavy physical work, playing sports, while sleeping or taking care of infants, take off the items to
    avoid any accident.
    ・At a sauna or skiing place, it may cause a scald or frostbite from the heat or coldness. Please put the accessories
    off when in those places.
    ・We CANNOT change any ring size. Please understand that the finger girth will change by your body condition
    or day time.
    ・We CANNOT change the chain length of any necklaces.
    ・Please keep it away from the infants.
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    加拿大US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    義大利US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    法國US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    挪威US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    澳洲US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    新加坡US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    中國大陸US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    泰國US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    德國US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    香港US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    西班牙US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    印尼US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    瑞典US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    越南US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    瑞士US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    台灣US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    澳門US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    印度US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    英國US$ 7.06US$ 0.00
    馬來西亞US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
    南韓US$ 6.12US$ 0.00
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Apollo ヒューベリオン/ピンブローチ PB084

US$ 31.57
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