Cloth picture book(pink×blue)

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Dottocheck 逛設計館

1~3 日
Cloth picture book(pink×blue)


Size: 17* about wide 17cm in height

A color: White
A cover: 100% (100% of batting polyester) of cotton felt: 85% of polyester, rayon 15%

Washing: Please use it after airing it at the future when I put it in hand-washing or a net and machine-washed it, and doing it, and being good, and drying it.
Because I do not preshrink it, I may shrink after washing to some extent. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

The cloth picture book which I produced in a cotton kilt and felt.
I show cute colorful original design of the sewing machine embroidery.
It seems to become pleasant that "an image book" and the hand embroidered cloth picture book are stylish and carry it; ^^

It is to the item which the beads of tree innocent again which it is possible for in circle in magic tape accentuate as for the handle part to be able to rank a steering wheel part including the stroller, and pulls the interest of the baby.

The page is six pages in total.
Page 1: I count the beads of a pure tree and am practiced the number.
Page 2: Make a color with the triangle that is colorful with a feather of a bird; ^^
3-4 pages: Which is a motif? The puzzle of a colorful, pretty motif.
Page 5: I turn into a design of a check in the how to compose of the color.
Page 6: Practice the button; and is product in a flower garden

In felt of tender, pretty color taste, a sense of a color and the form is developed.
It is recommended in a present.

[recommended use]
A present: It is celebration, Christmas a baby gift, a birthday

※It is handmade and produces it one by one. There are some errors in embroidery, but thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Please confirm Shop-Guide, Terms of Use before an order by all means from "ABOUT".
If there are any questions, please refer from "CONTACT".


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