2-way slip-on 3400 that can be worn even when stepping on the heel

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1~3 天前
其他材質 女休閒鞋/帆布鞋 - 2-way slip-on 3400 that can be worn even when stepping on the heel


These shoes are made from a single piece of oiled cowhide without lining, and are sewn into the shape of the shoe from the sewing stage using a bag-stitching method. That's why the heel and toes are soft and fluffy without a hard core material! finished Therefore, even customers who don't like the feeling of tightness in their shoes are comfortable to wear with almost no stress. The insole is also made of breathable canvas material mixed with hemp, and 5mm rebound urethane is pasted together, so it feels very soft on your feet. Please try D'knot's shoes, which are a combination of a particular manufacturing method and a sense of comfort. [Size] S (22-22.5 cm) M (23-23.5 cm) L (24-24.5 cm) LL (25-25.5 cm) *Please feel free to ask questions if you have any questions about the size. 【please note】 The leather used in this product is bare leather that has been treated with oil. There may be some color blurring and natural leather scratches depending on the lot. In addition, due to the nature of natural leather, some discoloration cannot be avoided. Thank you for your understanding when purchasing. [Size stock] *Please fill in the color and size in the remarks column after checking the stock* Please note that there may be no additional production if you enter a size that is out of stock. Black S (22.5-23 cm) - 1 point Black M (23~23.5 cm) - 1 point Black L (24-24.5 cm) - 1 point Black LL (25-25.5 cm) - 0 points D Brown S (22.5-23 cm) - 1 point D Brown M (23~23.5 cm) - 1 point D Brown L (24~24.5㎝) -1 point D Brown LL (25-25.5 cm) - 0 points Camel S (22.5-23 cm) - 1 point Camel M (23~23.5 cm) - 1 point Camel L (24~24.5㎝) - 1 point Camel LL (25-25.5 cm) - 0 points Car key S (22.5-23 cm) - 1 point Car key M (23~23.5 cm) - 1 point Car key L (24-24.5 cm) - 1 point Khaki LL (25-25.5 cm) -㍘ White S (22.5-23 cm) - 0 points White M (23~23.5 cm) - 0 points White L (24-24.5 cm) - 0 points White LL (25-25.5 cm) - 0 points If you search D'knot shoes on [YouTube], you can see a simple video explanation. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNLarVv7vW_p1r-xDbk4rzA "Choose your desired delivery time" ①Morning ②12:00~14:00 ③14:00~16:00 ④16:00~18:00 ⑤18:00~21:00 ⑥ No preference


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