Adelia Retro Bonbon Holder (Mini) Nobana --Nobana Showa Retro Tableware Miscellaneous Goods Floral Print Retro Pop Print Glass Showa Glass 70's

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Adelia Retro Bonbon Holder (Mini) Nobana --Nobana Showa Retro Tableware Miscellaneous Goods Floral Print Retro Pop Print Glass Showa Glass 70's


**Adelia Retro**is a remake of Adelia's glassware that was once used at home in the Showa era so that it can be used with peace of mind even today. Adelia's tableware spread at a friendly design and affordable price, and decorated the Showa dining table. One of the representative products is a printed glass with a cute pattern such as flowers and animals. Attracted by its nostalgia and warm charm, some customers continue to use it carefully even after production has ended. Adelia Retro was born with the support of such fans. It has been reborn as an easy-to-use product in today's lifestyle, while retaining its charm at the time. **The good points of Adelia Retro** (1) Reliable quality Although it looks retro, it is a product made at the current Ishizuka Glass factory. With strict quality control, anyone can use it with confidence. (2) Shape that suits the current lifestyle This product is not just a reprint, but is made with "easy to use in modern life" in mind. The shape has been changed to make it easier to use so that it can be used in daily life for a long time. ③ With discerning package, sticker and bookmark Based on the design of Showa Adelia, we were particular about the atmosphere at that time in every detail. It is also a nice point that it is in a solid package. You can use it for various purposes such as private use and gifts. **About Alice** "Alice", with its impressive orange and yellow pop colors, is one of Showa Adelia's representative products. At the same time as it was released in 1971, it became popular among housewives and young people, and colorfully colored the dining table. Products at that time ranged from cups, pitchers, cups and saucers, containers, ashtrays, and more. The jagged petals are a trademark, and it is still popular today, including those who like retro glasses. **About wilderness** The neat and cute design of "Nobana" was a popular series at that time, along with the hit product "Alice" of Showa Adelia. It was launched in 1974 as a glass tableware set for gifts. The following year, a single item was released and became popular as household glassware. If you look closely at the white floral pattern, some of the petals are scattered, and you can feel the playfulness of the designer at that time. **About flower turning** "Hana Mawashi" is a cute design that is drawn so that red and white flowers rotate around. The simple pattern using hand-painted dots gives a nostalgic atmosphere. It is a product that has been on sale before 1971. Initially, "Hana Mawashi" was released as a glass container for sweets, etc., but with the subsequent popularity, goblets and pitchers have also been produced. **About flower arrangement** As the name suggests, "Hanazakari" is a gorgeous series of margarets that have bloomed all over the glass. The pattern like a flower field looks bright and fun just by placing it on the table. "Hanazakari" was first released in 1971. At that time, two types were produced, one was amber glass and the other was printed on colorless and transparent glass. It is a design with a strong presence that fully incorporates the floral patterns that were popular at that time. **About pears** The "pear" series, which has a simple and gentle texture, was released in 1975 as household glass tableware. It is a popular Showa product that was listed in the Adelia catalog along with the "Alice" and "Nobana" series. At that time, it was developed into glass tableware of various shapes, and the cute fruit design attracted attention. The round and rolling pear print warms your heart just by looking at it. **About Zoomate** "Zoomate", which depicts the popular people of the zoo with a unique touch, is a pattern released in 1976. At the time of Showa, it was sold as a glass container for sweets. It is a design with an animal motif, which is a little unusual for those days when floral patterns were the mainstream. The sleepy leopard and the tiger with a ghostly face are cute and have a charming expression that makes you laugh unintentionally.


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[Bonbonnière (mini)] Bonbons are bite-sized chocolates and candies. At home in the Showa era, glass tabletop storage containers were known as "bonbonnières". Perfect for storing sweets and small items.


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