Blacksmith's Iron Pot L

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Blacksmith's Iron Pot L


We have a lot of reservations, so it will take time to produce. Please see "Notice from the shop" on your profile page. -------------------------------------------------- ----- The frying pan / nabe series has been added to iron, a popular material for PINT. As a characteristic of the iron material, it has the high thermal conductivity unique to metal, and the strength even when thin. Since it has strength and weight as a set, I wanted to introduce a tool that does not become too negative. We decided to start the pot and frying pan series because it has an iron skin and a shape, is simple and strong, and is lighter than I imagined and much closer to everyday use. Kaneko's iron pot is thin. A single iron plate is heated at high temperature, beaten to create edges and create height, creating a solid. The caulked handle is made of the same material, and it is made of the same material but is robust. Also, because it's thin, it's also nice that it doesn't weigh as much as it looks. The material is "iron" itself. It has good heat conduction, and even in meat and vegetables, heat is transferred evenly in a short time. The simplest thing to imagine is the deliciousness of simple teppanyaki at festival openings and outdoors. After all, meat, vegetables, yakisoba, etc. that are grilled on a hot iron plate are delicious. It is also recommended for dishes that simply use the taste of the ingredients. The characteristic of the shape of this iron pan is that it is made slightly deeper like the frying pan. It can be used not only for stir-fried foods, but also for cooking various frying pans. It can also be used in IH. Also, the frying pan has a long handle and is difficult to use in the oven, but this iron pot is easy to use in the oven. (Please check the oven size. This product size is listed at the bottom.) The iron pan is available in M and L sizes. This page is a large L size. It is the right side of the second photo. I think that there are many people who are worried about handling and cleaning, so I will introduce important points. "About handle" The handle is also iron, so it gets hot when used at high temperatures. Please wrap it in a cloth and use it. Please be careful not to get burned when using. "It seems to burn." The point is to first heat the pan well and then add oil before adding the ingredients. It is important that the heat is firmly applied first. Since heat conduction is high, it is necessary to adjust by lowering the heat power during cooking. I need a different way of interacting with a Teflon pan, so I hope you will get used to it while using it. "Cleaning after use" It is oil grilled at the time of production, so you can use it as soon as you receive it. This oil-baked finish protects the iron by becoming a paint film and familiar. We recommend that you wash with a bundle or brush without using detergent. The oil used for cooking remains, and that becomes the coating film. This way you don't have to apply oil after washing. There is no surface treatment, so you can scrub and scrub strongly. You can use detergent if you are worried about the smell. "After washing" Although it has an oil coating, it is iron, so it's safer to get rid of water as soon as possible. There is no problem if you wipe it with a cloth, but it is fast and reliable to have the stove burn to remove the heat. If you use a detergent when washing, the oil is also removed, so it is safer to let the oil familiarize yourself with a piece of cloth. (Not required if detergent is not used) It's the same as with an iron kettle, and once you start dating, it's not a special deal, so I'd be happy if you could try it without hesitation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding handling. [Material] Iron oil finish 【size】 Diameter: Approximately 22 cm (bottom is 18-19 cm) Total length: about 29 cm Depth: about 5 cm Since each item is hand-made one by one, there may be some errors. 【weight】 About 1.5kg


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A single iron plate is heated at a high temperature, beaten to create a solid while creating edges and height. All are integrated. IH is also possible. We have a lot of reservations, so it will take time to produce. Please see "Notice from the shop" on your profile page.


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