puffed sleeves romper Linton Tweeds pink shades #1 (80cm)

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cutie & sweetie
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棉.麻 包屁衣/連身衣 粉紅色 - puffed sleeves romper Linton Tweeds pink shades #1 (80cm)


Thank you for visiting. ☆ A onesies with a loose and plump design. ☆ Linton TWEEDS pale pink fancy tweed from England is used for the front and back. ☆A beautiful tweed fabric that is loosely woven by combining different pre-dyed colors, different types of threads, ribbons, and spangles. ☆ The main body uses a generous 1.5m of fabric with a width of 110cm. It is a very moist and supple cotton with a drape feel. The color is a natural off-white. In addition, hand washer processing is applied, and the natural wrinkled feeling adds gorgeousness to the plain fabric. Organic cotton double gauze is used for the lining of the body. ☆The fabric is thin, soft and light, so you can use it even with long sleeves to keep you cool from early autumn. ☆With a back opening, we use beautiful glossy natural shell buttons for the buttons that fasten the back body. ☆Since the inseam can be opened and closed with a snap button, it is easy to change diapers. ☆ It has a loose design, and the pants are also open from the body. Compared to onesies that only have openings in the body, this onesies is easy to put on and take off, even for small babies. ☆ Soft type rubber is used for the sleeves with 6 collars and the hem with 4 collars that does not feel tight. It's voluminous, so it will firmly wrap the buttocks of the diaper. ☆The cotton used for tailoring can be worn alone in midsummer, and can be used for a long time in combination with long-sleeved shirts, tights, cardigans, etc. in seasons other than midsummer. ☆Size: 80cm 80cm dimension Length: 48cm Snow length: 37cm ☆Material: Body and body lining: Cotton, 100% organic cotton Tweed: cotton, Acrylic, polyamide (nylon), polyester (blend, blend ratio depends on fabric) ☆ LINTON TWEEDS is a tweed fabric manufacturer founded in England in 1912, and met Coco Chanel in the 1920s, making a big leap forward with its quality. If you can pick it up, sure. And I think that you can realize the beauty. (I blushed.) ☆ I'm sure it will be a photogenic outfit for photography by a professional photographer. ---- *All cotton fabrics are watered before cutting, but since cotton is a natural fiber, there is no shrinkage even after it is made into clothes. *The tweed fabric is already washed when it is made into a product, and it is not necessary to run water through it, as the manufacturer's official website states that it does not need to run through water. *When washing, please press and wash the tweed part by hand. If you use a washing machine, please put it in the net and wash it in a gentle cycle using a fashionable detergent. Also, please avoid using the dryer. *In the case of unbleached cotton, brown grains may remain on rare occasions, but they are natural threads and fiber scum and are not defective.


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Go out with tights or a cardigan, or of course for everyday wear.


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