【Electronic parts】Keytop Earring『あ・さ』


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  • ※ This is will be sold for one ear (1set) ※


    We decomposed the actual keyboard, colored the summer color of vivid yellow and pink,and made it a piercing.

    『あ・さ』Japanese means 『Morning』

    Basically there are no works of the same key, it will be a one of a kind.

    Because it is very light, comfort is outstanding.
    Bright colors shine beautifully at your ear.
    (I feel like I look like shaved ice from a distance!)

    If you would like earrings we will exchange free of charge.

    · Keyboard: resin
    · Painting: acrylic resin coating, mat coating agent (finishing)
    · Piercing bracket: Rhodium coating

    Approximately 43 mm in length (not including pierced earrings)

    ~Concept of the work~

    - Regeneration of junk parts
    - Incorporate seasonal feeling into electronic equipment

    There are parts called "junk parts" that are not guaranteed in operation as it is in electronic equipment.
    Basically there is no utility value as the original product, but I began thinking about making works from the desire to revive as an accessory and to reproduce it.

    Also, I thought that I wanted to incorporate the "seasonal feeling" which is not originally found in electronic parts in the work, I applied coloring to the key top.

    (All the key tops are made into works after disassembling and washing them all.)
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    新加坡US$ 5.26US$ 0.00
    馬來西亞US$ 5.26US$ 0.00
    中國大陸US$ 5.26US$ 0.00
    台灣US$ 5.26US$ 0.00
    香港US$ 5.26US$ 0.00
    所有其他國家/地區US$ 6.21US$ 0.00
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【Electronic parts】Keytop Earring『あ・さ』

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