Bridal Portrait stamps (with letters)[hand carved]

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Sakuhanjyo 逛設計館

Bridal Portrait stamps (with letters)[hand carved]


※Made a price revision in February, 2017. Thank you for your understanding.

When you have to get ready for marriage, you would have many chance to use your portraits. How about making stamps instead of using pictures?
I draw portraits based on photos, and carve it by using utility knives and wood chisel.

You can use it for an accent for letters or message cards, bridal invitations, welcome boards....
It can document the lovely moment of you or beloved ones as a stamp.
Sometimes indirect expression than photos would be useful in many cases.
Great for gifts.
Of course it is great for any couples other than bridal purpose.

Size of stamps : 5cm × 5cm ×(the thickness is about 2.5cm)
※It is all handmade, so the size is only a guide.

Materials: Eraser stamps ("Horu-Navi katame") , and attach the handle made of wood.

People and animal counts as the same, so if you need 2pets&you, it will charge an additional fee for one people, so please let me know beforehand.

<How to order>
(1) Please send me more than 3 pictures of the model person via message:

It is used for me to recognize one's character of facial expression, atmosphere and facial parts. Any size would be OK. (Not too small ones that cannot recognize their face)
Basically I draw from the photos I receive, so if the picture does not express the person itself, it might be not a very good picture for model of stamps.
(It can be individually separated picture, because I can combine them together in stamps. Photos showing the "characteristic" of the model is the priority!)

(2) Let me know the letters in the way you want to make the stamp out of. It can be in any letters unless I can recognize. (Japanese/English are recommended)
(e.g. "KUMIKO" , "John" etc...)

(3) If you have any requests in detail please let me know.
(e.g. I want my face to turn right, I want to look slimmer, Make my hairstyle in A not in B, Want to be dressed in collared shirt..... etc)

You would be able to review the draft before carving. Let me know if you don't need to.
Modification up to twice is possible.
If you have particular dates you need, let me know. Otherwise it is usually sent during 2 weeks after the draft is completed.


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