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  • A plate-shaped porcelain earth, was in the cup by connecting to overlap.
    Pattern such as ink painting, so are pouring under paint, it is different to the one by one subtle. (Please leave pattern is here.)
    Since you are using a matte glaze, it is a texture that was smooth.
    In whiteness of porcelain, it shine even put any drink.

    In this TUNAGU cup, we hope that the valuable time and people and places spread connection.

    Size: width) 6.2 × (depth) 6.8 × (height) 7.5cm

    Notes of the time of purchase

    (How to use porcelain)
    1, porcelain is sensitive to rapid temperature changes. Sudden fever, to avoid rapid cooling, should not or subjected to direct fire except those where there is a display possible of direct fire use.
    2, and the like on the table, do not dragged and porcelain. You may scratch the table.
    3, porcelain Do not throw or drop so weak in shock. Please note the packaging when it is such as transportation and shipping by yourself.
    4, the porcelain cracks is on Please do not use. It is dangerous because it has lost its original strength. There is that moisture or leaks.
    5, scratches, cracks, porcelain with over Please do not use. In particular, where the touch of the mouth and hands Please note.
    6, when the porcelain was cracked should treated as incombustible garbage. In addition, due caution so as not to be a finger or the like injury when put away.
    7, after use to drop the dirt as soon as possible, rinse well after washing in the kitchen detergent. Also, please be housed from dried well.
    8, astringent tea concentrate, when the dirt stains is a concern, use a bleaching agent for the kitchen. (Please avoid scrubbing in such as gold's eagle.)
    9, please so as not placed within reach of children.
    Origin / production method
    Origin Japan
  • 國際運費
    美國US$ 8.47US$ 3.63
    加拿大US$ 8.47US$ 3.63
    英國US$ 10.01US$ 5.71
    澳洲US$ 8.47US$ 3.63
    紐西蘭US$ 8.47US$ 3.63
    澳門US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    新加坡US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    菲律賓US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    印尼US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    馬來西亞US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    瑞典US$ 8.47US$ 3.63
    越南US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    中國大陸US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    愛爾蘭US$ 8.47US$ 3.63
    日本US$ 3.26US$ 1.36
    泰國US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    台灣US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    香港US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
    南韓US$ 7.07US$ 2.72
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