10 Extra Meaningful Personalized Christmas Gifts for Him and for Her

Putting thoughts into a personalized gift is a great way to show that the relationship means a lot to you. Not only does customizing make it special, the gift you choose to customize also says something about what you know matters to him or her! So look beyond personaized necklace, bracelets and wallets, and check out these interesting customizable gift ideas!


1. Personalized Solid Perfume

Personalized Solid Perfume Christmas Gift

Giving the intimate gift of scents? This is literally a signature perfume to gift! Choose from one of Lilla Fe's eleven popular solid perfumes, and write down the name of the gift receiver’s on the perfume label, then put it on the tube with an optional clear finish. This makes a special gift for him and for her!

Personalized Solid Perfume Christmas Gift

Great for: S.O., girlfriends, young ladies, scent explorers.
Customizable feature: hand-write the perfume label yourself.
Made in: Taiwan
Production time: regular

“Lovely scent, thoughtful packaging!
“Purchased for gift exchange. The packaging is so nice, everyone loved it!

See also: Personalized Solid Perfume Set with extra lip balm.


2. Customized Tie Clip

Customized Tie Clip Christmas Gift

High-quality customized men’s jewelry are meant to last and be treasured along with the memories. FEINFEIN’s bespoke tie clips are made by hand by the duo team Maria and Tomasz, who delights in designing with customers.

Customized Tie Clip Christmas Gift

Great for: groomsmen, S.O., father, new grads.
Customizable feature: engraving for dates, text, initials, etc.
Made in: Poland
Production time: 2 days (check product page)

“They are absolutely beautiful; even better than I expected. You can share your idea with the designer and make your unique one.”
“Received the product very fast even from Canada. Packaging is not sloppy, and the quality is very good.

Also see: Personalized cufflinks.


3. Personalized Stethoscope Tag

Personalized Stethoscope Tag Christmas Gift

A personalized stethoscope tag is a wonderful gift for a loved one who is medical professional. Wearable and appropriate for a stressful work environment where doctors are busy helping so many others, this specialized gift will warm him/her up.

Personalized Stethoscope Tag Christmas Gift

Great for: doctors.
Customizable feature: 2 Lines of 8 characters each.
Made in: Singapore
Production time: 3 days (check product page)
Also see: Engraved Keychain.


4. Personalized Embroidered Name Wall Decor

Personalized Embroidered Name Wall Decor Apartment Christmas Gift

This colorful wall decor made by Cub Club is hand-knit and customizeable with a name or phrase, reminding us of the old days where women would gather, knit quilts, and bring home sturdy handmade products. The tassel, calligraphy and pleasing color palettes, however, is best for a chic apartment!

Personalized Embroidered Name Wall Decor Apartment Christmas Gift

Great for: freshman, college grad, newlyweds, hostess.
Customizable feature: name
Made in: Indonesia
Production time: 14 days (check product page)

“Very beautiful product!!!!! Very nice seller!!! One of my best purchase on Pinkoi.”
“Good packaging, and looks exactly like the photo!”


5. DIY Leather Passport Holder Kit

DIY Genuine Leather Passport Holder Kit Christmas Gift

DIY fun and personalized engraving, all in one! Fading Mist offers this vegetable tanned leather passport DIY complete with leather pieces and sewing holes, polish cloth and other tools, as well as tutorial video. The finished product has two ID card slots, one SIM card slot, two pockets and one insertion slot!

DIY Genuine Leather Passport Holder Kit Christmas Gift

Great for: new grad, significant other, niece and nephews, crafty friends.
Customizable feature: 10 letters engraving, leather and thread color.
Made in: Hong Kong
Production time: 10 days (check product page)

“Fast delivery, good packing, no colour difference and full of leather smell. Easy to make while follow the clear instruction. I only spent two hours to finish. I like the colour, the smell, I like it very much. I look forward to make the other one.

See also: DIY Card Holder Kit.

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6. Personalized Mathematics Phone Case

Personalized Mathematics Love Formula Phone Case Christmas Gift

The love formula! This is a romantic moment for the mathematician: The algebra printed on the phone case is the math formula for graphing a heart. If you have to use English instead of math, the universal language, note your custom text with the order.

Great for: formula lover, scientific philosopher, math whiz, INTJ?
Customizable feature: Text at the bottom of the phone.
Made in: South Korea
Production time: normal (check with designer)

“Love this design 😍  Math is my favorite subject and I happen to have a crush on someone recently.”
“Thank you for being so patient with my questions!”

See also: Custom portrait phone case.


7. Personalized Embroidered Baby Bibs

Personalized Embroidered Baby Bibs Christmas Gift

Is your friend or family anticipating a newborn? Or, is everyone around you having babies? The Little One London will take care of all your baby shower needs with personalized embroidery bibs, headband and romper for babies up to 2 years old.

Great for: newborns.
Customizable feature: embroidered name.
Made in: UK
Production time: 2 days (check product page)
See also: personalized headband, round bib, drawstring bag.


8. Personalized Chopsticks

Personalized Chopsticks Christmas Gift

Nice diningware makes nice gifts and quality chopsticks made out of bamboo, wood or metal have an even deeper meaning in Chinese customs. Chopsticks come in pairs and are often seen as a type of blessing for harmony, fertility, longevity, or friendship. Modern customs are much more relaxed, and the personalized chopsticks from Gotome allows you to customize not only with words but also symbols like horoscope signs, animals and much more.

Personalized Chopsticks Christmas Gift

Great for: housewarming, newlyweds, families, business partners.
Customizable feature: 12 characters (each icon count as 3 characters).
Made in: Taiwan
Production time: 10 days (check product page)

“This is my second order. These are great!”
“The chopsticks look very nice and the engraving is good quality too. I really like them—will be giving them as gifts for the crew at the wedding!

See also: DIY materials.


9. Customized Kaleidoscope

Customized Kaleidoscope Christmas Gift

Not many people remember kaleidoscope still exists! From Nutcrackers to Christmas pyramids and music boxes, traditional handcrafted Christmas gifts just makes it a bit more festive and charming. With Ubook’s laser cutting services and customized kaleidoscopes, you can create your own kaleidoscope with three visual elements and even five Chinese characters! Then they will take care of the color combination. The visuals are fun and thoughtful too—take a look.

Great for: a secret private message!
Customizable feature: 3 visual elements and 5 Chinese characters
Made in: Taiwan
Production time: 5 days (check product page)|

"Very finely crafted. Well worth it!"


10. Embroidery Pet Portrait Wristband

Personalized Embroidery Pet Portrait Wristband Christmas Gift

Everyone loves colorful embroidery in the cold winter months! Hanamaker’s custom pet portrait in delicate embroidery to be worn on the wrist like a watch is one of the most thoughtfully crafted pet-owner gifts we’ve seen around. The orders even come with a custom illustrated portrait note card for your gift giving purposes!

Great for: pet owner, animal lover.
Customizable feature: custom embroidery and card of a dog.
Made in: Hong Kong
Production time: 14 days (check product page)

"I was really touched when receiving this embroidery wristband. The embroidery look just like my Mouse, who’s not here anymore, and now I can keep her with me anytime. Thanks to the designer for very thoughtful work!"

See also: Custom bunny, cat, and human portrait wristbands.


These personal gifts are full of meaning and will be very much worth remembering. Remember, customized presents take longer to craft, so be sure to message the designer with your questions and requests soon. We wish you the most joyful gift-giving season!

Buy personalized Christmas gifts at Pinkoi. Cash Rewards every day!
Buy personalized Christmas gifts at Pinkoi. Cash Rewards every day!

This Christmas, give gifts worth remembering

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