7 Snazzy Ways to Dress Red for Chinese New Year

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Whether you’re home to greet relatives, or not even celebrating Chinese New Year at all, it’s always a good time to go all out in red. It’s especially a good time to pick up hints of traditions such as loose Tang Dynasty robes or 20th-century bodycon chi paos. Take a look at these edgy takes on traditional Chinese fashion!


1. Bow to history

Vermillion Cheongsam Dress from Bufu

Jazz up the ancestors’ fashion with contemporary brands like Bufu and Zaobai.


2. Chi pao-inspired

Stand-up Collar Wool Dress from Budu

The 20th-century chi pao (or cheongsam, Mandarin dresses) are form-fitting dresses tailored to fit. Modern dresses with band collar and decorative seams are almost as elegant!


3. Boost of luck from the gods

Daruma Doll Socks from Ball Socks

Keep a Bodhidharma doll nearby whenever you’re praying for success and new beginnings!


4.  Western influence

Wool Coat from Subaiyiran

Eastern comfort meets western simplicity, and married to the passionate red!


5. The Revenant

Vintage Oversized Wool Coat from River Hill

Pull on an vintage wool coat, and imagine yourself as a lone wanderer who travels the high mountains of ancient China.


6. Unique mash-up

Red Bows Top from Chu Chu Mint

Reserved neckline in the front, rowdy red bows in the back—it’s clear you set your own trend!


Happy New Year!

Ring in the New

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