7 Reasons for Shiba Memes & 20+ Gifts for Shiba Inu Lovers

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Shiba Chinese New Year with 2018 Year of the Dog Mandarin Couplets

Dogs are man's best friends and shiba inus are the best of the best. In real life and on the internet, shiba’s funny faces and cute behaviors result in endless memes and entertainment that perhaps only cats can rival. Who wants to work when you can look at shiba inus all day? Lose yourself in these funny pictures of shiba!


1. Cuddly shiba inu

Friendly, well-mannered shibas are the cutest. Shiba has a cute face and cute butt, and everything about them makes you want to cuddle.

Small shiba inu figurine and a peanut

Small Shiba Inu Figurine

Shiba inus: loyal friends with a cute face!


Felt shiba curled up on the grass

Felt Shiba

Aww! Care for spooning and napping with the fuzzy shiba?


felt shiba inu butt brooch

Felt Shiba Butt Brooch

What’s the shiba up to? No matter; we’re happy staring at its cute butt!


belly up shiba inu pillow

Shiba Pillow

Shiba needs a belly rub! And honestly, everyone needs a sweet fluffy shiba at your side.


2. What the ?? Shiba inu

Smiling shibas are so cute, we want to squeeze their faces! But too much squeezing, and things might go wrong……

Resin shiba case

Push-ups Shiba Inu Phone Case

Look at those paws! When you’re busy at your computer and putting your phone on the desk, shiba will be busy doing pushups. So don’t take too long or you'll tire him out!


Shiba next to a shiba planner

2018 Shiba Planner

What is it about shibas that make them squint and smile and look so adorably clueless?


shiba mug

Don’t Make Me Shiba Inu Mug

Force him into doing something is fun, because he’ll reward you a face that makes you laugh. And later you’ll want to reward him with more face squeezing.


Painted shiba inu shirt

Shiba Inu T-shirt

My god, what happened to you, shiba?!


3. Good shiba inu

No mischief, no weird behaviors. These are the good shibas that sit up right and get all the compliments!

Origami shiba desk light

Shiba Light

Woof! Upright ears, curly tail, curious face and excited stance. Here’s the model shiba that’ll light up your eyes!


Shiba clock

Shiba Clock

Here’s another good shiba who will faithfully greet you when you’re up for breakfast, dashing out the door for work, and returning home for the night.


4. Shiba inu with hidden agendas

Remember this guy?

Doge shiba inu

He is the shiba celebrity who was all over the internet. His raised eyebrows (yes, eyebrows) prove we humans can never fully comprehend what’s going on in a dog’s mind.


Illustration shiba inu phone case

Shiba Phone Case

Shiba in an awfully unnatural sitting position, like an ojisan who couldn’t scratch his back.


Black and white shiba inu washi tape

Shiba Washi Tape

Smug akita and shiba washi tapes! Tape them all over the place to declare the area for a shiba land.


Round shiba inu head ornament keychain

Shiba Inu Ornament

Another smug shiba keychain/ornament. He seems very confident despite being nothing more than a big fluffy ball!


Dharma shiba inu ornaments

Dharma Shiba Ornament

They are here to grant wishes and good fortunes! Kneel to the dharma shibas!


Shiba inu shirt and tote

Shiba Shirt / Tote

Look at that wagging tale! Shiba knows you admire him!


5. Shibas making friends

Shibas are so friendly, they don’t discriminate, and befriend everybody.

Shiba neck pillow on a cat

Shiba Neck Pillow

They even hang out with cats.


Four shiba plush with Japanese bandana

Shiba Plush

Get together for sneaky shiba meetings.


Dog sticker set with akita, shiba, corgi, bulldog, and pug

Doggie Sticker Set

They hang out with other puppies, too!


6. Hipster shiba inu

Hipster shiba inus are the presentable dapper boys that’ll make you look good, wherever you go! A scarf, a neck tie… got to be accessory-ready!

Shiba inu with a blue shiba necktie

Shiba Neck Tie

The shiba patterns on the fabric can be all cute and “moe”, but a shiba with a necktie is a gentleman.


Man in white shiba patch shirt

Shiba Patch T-shirt

Shiba is sitting like a sphynx, all serious and self-controlled. This shiba patch is not to be confused with the confused dogs who made presence just earlier!


Black hat with shiba inu patch on a man

Shiba Inu Hat and Tote Set

We’ve seen many weird things shibas do, but by now you should convinced shibas are the coolest dogs that’s got style.


7. Internet’s shiba

Pixel shiba inu shirt

Pixel Shiba T-shirt

They are the coolest…… or not?! You decide!


Shiba-loving brand SHIBE has the perfect words for shiba inus:

The smile of a Shiba looks just like a human smile. One can’t help but smile at the sight. Smiling faces, they’re like magic. We believe that our magic has the potential to deliver smiles and happiness to the entire world.


Go on and spread the shiba inu magic!


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