Cloisonne-yaki Hydrangea Drops Earrings ~ Blue x lavender ~

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Cloisonne-yaki Hydrangea Drops Earrings ~ Blue x lavender ~


Imagine a hydrangea after the rain It was baked with Cloisonne. From under the cloisonne ware motif With metal parts of stems and leaves Purple fluorite drop-shaped natural stone beads sway. Natural stone beads have a delicate cut. * Because it is a natural stone, the colors and how to enter the lines are different one by one. The colors are as similar to the left and right as possible. White → pure gold leaf → by baking 4 colors of glaze Brings out the depth and brilliance of color I expressed how the raindrops shine on the hydrangea. The color is based on light blue Add lavender and shades of wisteria blue. The refreshing blue goes well with monotone and blue clothing. Because each pattern is hand-colored The colors and patterns are different. I will send it in the original box It is also recommended for gifts. Opening the rain ... It's raining. after the rain. Shippo-yaki is one of the traditional craft techniques. A glassy glaze is fired on a copper base at a high temperature of around 800 degrees Celsius to give it color. Since it is fired one by one, the color changes little by little depending on the delicate temperature. Titanium post is used for the material of the pierced earrings. It can be changed to surgical post, screw spring Clip-On, and butterfly spring Clip-On. If you wish, please specify. * If not specified, we will send it by titanium post. Material: Copper plate, glass, titanium post, metal parts, silver leaf, natural stone Size: Overall length about 6.7 cm, motif size 1.7 cm ・ Cloisonne ware is made by baking glassy glaze on metal. It is very delicate and may crack due to strong impact. Please handle with care in the same way as general glass products. ・ If the work is damaged for any reason, stop using it immediately. ・ If the surface of the cloisonne is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use detergents containing abrasives as they may cause scratches. ・ Because it is handmade, there may be some errors in color, shape, size, etc., and slight distortion. ・ Please note that detergents, chemicals, cosmetics, oils, sweat, seawater, etc. may cause discoloration, discoloration, or deterioration. ・ Please refrain from using if you are allergic to metal or the plating process does not suit your skin. ・ After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth to remove sweat, cosmetics, and other deposits before storing. ・ There may be a slight color difference between the photo on the monitor and the actual work.


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